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Why Do We Value How We Look?


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Beauty is skin deep. How many times did we hear this phrase? And how many times did we utter the same statements? This is true. And it has been depicted in different stories like The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Shrek.

Although the statement is right it is often forgotten. The world we live in is very particular with standards and that includes beauty in its most obvious sense. This is because of the fact that our lives are greatly influenced by media and TV personalities. We spend money to update our wardrobe every time a new trend hits the stand. We flip through the different pages of fashion magazines to look for a look that will suit us. And if someone who wears something that is not in conformity with the world's standards, we raise our eyebrows.

In our society, there are many reasons why looking good is important. You need it when you want to stand out in the crowd or to get someone's attention. You need to look good for work especially when you are talking to clients. Some even use hair straighteners just to make sure they look tidy in the grocery store.

Although there are other things more important than our appearance, we live in a pretty judgmental world. Most often than not, people will judge you because of how you look. A woman who fails to brush her hair will be perceived as someone who does not know how to take care of herself. People are easily scared with strangers who don't shave because they picture terrorists with a profile just like that. How many times did we hug on our bags just because we stood next to an unpleasant looking man in the subway?

We are governed by impressions. We are not blessed with the opportunity to get to know everyone we encounter. We don't always get the chance to know that person really well. Our impression of them and their impression of us are usually based on physical appearances.

How we look also affect how we feel about ourselves. The more compliments we received, the more confident we get. It also boosts our self esteem. It makes us feel good to know that we are appreciated for our appearance. And unknowingly, we want to cling to that feeling by continuing to be conscious about how we look.

Our use of hair straighteners and other beauty products is because o our desire to look good. The importance we give to looking beautiful is influenced by celebrities, fashion magazines and by the general public's standards. We live up to certain standards because it is often needed in the society. Our work alone requires that we look groomed and presentable because we are usually judged by impressions. And most importantly, it affects how we feel about ourselves. It is undeniable that the comments we receive from others affect our confidence and self esteem. And since we want to hear good compliments, we strive to look good. But one should always remember that aside from cosmetics and designers’ clothes, having a good heart can make anyone look and feel superb.

Kristy is a professional hair stylist and writer for My Hair Styling Tools, a leading supplier of the ever popular Hair Styling Iron .


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Why Do We Value How We Look?
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