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The Past, the Present and the Future, Its All in You


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All of us have a past to look back at. We have fun moments we want to cherish and there are several unfortunate times we want to forget. As much as the wonderful things that we have done, there are also some that we regret doing. There are words that we wish, we never sad. And words we hoped, we had the courage to say.

Life is what we make it. And no matter how we try, the things we have done in the past cannot be undone. That is why we have been told to make the most of the time we have, because we can never regain the time lost. We can only look back, be proud or be ashamed. Some have managed to move on from the things gone wrong but others are still haunted by their decisions.

But life was not all that difficult to live with. There were times when the only decision we had to make was whether to use the professional hair straighteners or just leave the waves alone. There was a time when the choices present were just the blue and grey ties. And although these decisions did not have life changing effect on us, it had an impact on how we felt that day; a day that will probably appear in our biography.

All the decisions we made whether big or small, have contributed a lot to where we are right now. And the past is a constant reminder of the importance of the present. It tells us to stop worrying about the history that we cannot do anything about. The only things that we can affect as of the moment is the time at hand. Most of us have a lot of hang ups in what went before. And the more we linger on that thought, the more we got stuck to a motionless present which will soon become an unproductive past if we let it get the best of us.

Another wall that hinders us from dealing with the present is that we worry too much about the future. Let's take this man as an example. Instead of attending his child's ball games, he volunteers to stay at work to impress his employer and hopes that he will be promoted in three years. Sadly, he dies on his second year with the company; he never got promoted and missed all the games of his child. Deal with what you have at the moment to avoid would have-could have in the future.

Life may not always be as simple as professional hair straighteners or ties, but it will surely become better if we learn to let go of a past. And although thinking and preparing for a good future is not bad, we should never worry about it too much, because once we do, we end up ignoring the good things we currently have. And when we finally realized that we have so many things to be thankful for, the chance to appreciate it has already slipped away.

Kristy is a professional hair stylist and writer for My Hair Styling Tools, a leading supplier of Hair Straighteners


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