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How to Use the Curling Iron Right


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After going through the many choices of curling tools in the market, you finally found what you have been looking for. Now, it is time to put that device to good use. Although you are sure that you made one of the best choices, you are still reluctant to try it on your hair. After all, you are no expert, right? There is always a chance to overdo your hair and damage it.

To help you curl your beloved hair without damaging it, here are some tips you will find very helpful:

1.        Use hair conditioners daily. Well-conditioned hair requires less time with the hair curling irons; thus, exposing the hair to heat for shorter period. This will minimize the risk of damaging the hair. In addition, this cuts the time you spend styling your hair.

2.        Prepare your hair before styling. Shampoo it and rinse well. You can apply curling waxes so that your hair will curl easily. Make sure that the hair is dry before you style it. Never style your hair while wet. Aside from it is prone to breakage at this state, the water left on your hair will turn into steam when heated which can burn both your skin and hair.

3.        Be conscious of the time you spend with the curling device. You should not leave it on your hair for more than eight seconds. This is why curling waxes are very helpful. It helps the irons do their jobs faster and helps hold your curls longer.

4.        Group your hair in sections before curling them. Curl small groups of your hair. The thicker the hair, the longer it takes to curl. This means that it will require more time spent with the iron. Smaller sections of hair curl faster and it is easier to manage.

5.        As much as possible, choose the lowest temperature level for your hair. This is why it is important for your hair curling irons to have a variety of temperature settings. This allows you to adjust it to an ideal level.

6.        Do not brush your hair immediately after curling it. Keep in mind that the curls on your hair are only temporary. If you are going to comb or brush it after the process, your hair will easily straighten.

Curling your hair is fun. However, this can be scrutinizing for your hair. If you curl your hair, make sure that you apply the above-mentioned techniques for the hair to spend less time with the curling device.

The curling irons allow everyone to style their own hair. However, these devices use heat which is damaging for the hair. In order to style your hair without risking it, condition it daily and use curling wax when styling. This will cut the time you spend in curling your hair and it will help the curl to hold longer. Spend less time with the iron; if possible use the lowest setting suitable for your hair. It will also help if you curl it in smaller sections. Do not brush them right after styling because this will put your efforts to waste.

Kristy is a professional hair stylist and writer for My Hair Styling Tools, a leading supplier of Professional Hair Straighteners .


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