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What You Need to Know About Tourmaline Hair Dryers


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Many hair devices are coming out today. It has also continued to improve. Before, many are hesitant to try the different hair products because they damaged the hair. These new development allow people to use the products and enjoy its benefits. One of the promising hair devices is the tourmaline hair dryers. You may have heard about this because of its claim to have good effect on your hair even after blow-drying it. To understand what it is and can do for your hair, read on.

What is tourmaline?

These are gems with variety of colors. Its compounds are composed of different elements. These are iron, sodium, lithium, and potassium. Each of these gems is unique from each other. None of them is identical. Some of the tourmalines have two or more colors and most of them change when exposed to light.

What is so special about it?

These gems generate negative charges. Specifically, they produce ions and infrared. When incorporated with your hair dryer it helps seals in moisture. This happens because the released negative charges of the blower cancels out the positive charges of the hair. The hair strands release positive charges when combed. The strands of hair repel from each other because they have similar charges causing it to fly away. Hair has cuticles as well; the positive charges cause them to open. This gives the hair a dull and unhealthy look. After cancelling the positive charges, the cuticles lock the moisture in the hair. This creates your hair to be smoother and healthier.

Other benefits of using the tourmaline hair dryers:

  •          These dryers have advance designs; created to give users ease. Most of them are lightweight and easy to manage.

  •          The hair dries faster. The negative charges do not only cancel the positive charges in the hair. They also break the water into small molecules. The hair easily absorbs the water molecules. This cuts down the drying time to a significant level; thus, exposing hair to heat in short period.

  •          They are good for the hair. Unlike the traditional hair dryers, these leave the hair smooth and healthy. The key is with the negative charges. Closing the cuticles and locking in the moisture hydrates it. This nurtures the hair.

  •          You can enjoy professional result at home. If you own one of these dryers, it is relatively easy to achieve the bouncy hair you have always wanted without the frizzy feel. Everyday can turn into a good hair day.

    The uses of tourmaline in hair dryers have made a positive change in the process of hair drying today. Now, men and women alike can stop worrying about damaging their hair whenever they use a hair dryer. Thanks to the negative charges generated by these dryers. They cancel out the positive charges that cause dry and frizzy hair. The negative charges break the water component making it easy for the water to be absorbed. This in turn shortens the time spent in drying the hair. All these benefits make the dryer an instant hit.

    Kristy is a professional hair stylist and writer for My Hair Styling Tools, a leading supplier of the Ceramic Hair Straightener .

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