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Hairstyles and Hair Care Tips For Party Goers


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You can avoid hair styling buildup by rubbing a clarifying shampoo on dry hair weekly. This might sound a little different, but not adding water creates friction that will remove grime. After the application shower and rinse your hair as usual. This is called a hair facial.

How to star style sultry side braids:

1. Spray gel onto damp hair
2. Part the top half in the middle
3. Do two loose French braids on either side
4. Connect the braids
5. Secure with an elastic
6. Gather the rest of your hair into a messy bun

Try this treatment for flaky hair:

1. Dab a cotton ball in mouthwash, run it over strands. The astringent will help remove white specs when you don't have time to shower
2. To keep off future flakes use a dandruff shampoo, and use a hair scrub weekly

How to keep hair color looking vibrant in hot weather:

1. Use a protective spray to shield the hair from UV damage
2. Use lightly shine-enhancing stylers (like serums) that attract rays
3. Wear a wide elastic headband to help absorb perspiration along your forehead that will dull the color over time
4. Work a color-protective leave-in condition into hair strands so the water will not affect your hair color

Create an elegant side ponytail:

1. Make a deep part on one side of your head and pull hair into a low, loose ponytail on the other side
2. Secure with an elastic
3. Wrap a small section of hair around it
4. Hold in place with a bobby pin
5. If you have fine hair, work in a thickening lotion to help the ponytail stay in place
6. Finish up the look with a shine spray

If you prefer a smoother finish on your elegant side ponytail hair style, use a paddle brush instead of your fingers to pull hair back.

Wear your hair in a classic, chin bun:

1. Blow out hair so it is smooth
2. Pull it back into a low or high ponytail
3. Secure with an elastic
4. Twist the tail into a bun
5. Tuck ends under
6. Secure with bobby pins

If you are in a hurry to get to the party, skip blow-drying and apply a leave-in condition to damp hair. Use a dryer with 1,850 watts or more to get the hair dry fast.

Do you prefer sexy, loose waves instead of wearing your hair up for parties?

1. Start with clean, dry hair
2. Make a deep side part and use a curling iron to roll 2-inch sections from the ends up to the middle of your head
3. Run your fingers through the curls to separate them
4. It is recommended to apply a thermal protector before heat styling your curls to prevent damage
5. Use a flexible-hold hair spray to make the style last without stiffness
6. For the curling iron: Use a medium-barrel iron to give you just-the-right-size curls

What if you have short hair or just no time at all to get ready for a party?

1. Slip in a flashy hair accessory
2. Keep barrettes, bobbys, and bands in place by misting with hair spray after they are secured

Where to find the products mentioned in this article:

  • Almost any department or drug store as well as beauty house supply stores

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    Written by: Connie Limon For more hair care tips articles visit For a variety of reprint articles visit

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