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Laser Hair Removal Warning Blonde and Red Hair, Know the Fitzpatrick Scale and Modern Technology


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Most people are unaware that both the color of your hair and the pigmentation of your skin can have a huge effect on the results of laser hair removal. So knowing what type of pigmentation you have can go a long way towards making your laser hair removal treatment successful.

The fact is that any laser hair treatment - even older ones - can temporarily stop hair growth in most every color of hair except in non-pigmented hairs (pure white hair). However with older technology laser systems patients never really saw the permanent hair removal that they were looking for. This often means that they would have to be on a treatment cycle that would last about 2 months before needing to be repeated.

How Doctors Classify Your Skin And Hair

If you are looking at laser hair removal, then education is your best fried. Most laser hair removal treatment facilities use the Fitzpatrick Chart to determine which hair and skin pigment you have. This is simply a way to classify your physical traits so that the effectiveness of certain treatments can be calculated. The Fitzpatrick Chart is a six level indicator with the following descriptions:

TYPE I: Very pale and prone to burning, never tans.

TYPE II: Very sensitive to sun, often burns, hard to tan.

TYPE III: Sensitive to sun, sometimes burns, tans slowly to light brown color.

TYPE IV: Not particularly sensitive to sun, rarely burns, tans to moderate brown.

TYPE V: Not sensitive to sun, rarely burns, tans well.

TYPE VI: Insensitive to sun, never burns, deeply pigmented.

Knowing your Fitzpatrick rating will allow you to intelligently discuss your treatment options with the clinics you check out.

Old Laser Hair Removal Equipment

Laser equipment is expensive which means that clinics will often not change out to modern technology unless their current system is malfunctioning. This means that if you are low on the Fitzpatrick scale you will need to find a clinic that has up to date systems that can actually get results. Otherwise you will find yourself in a crazy maze of up-sells where the clinic will sell you on additional treatments and reschedules to cover up the fact that their old technology simply cannot produce results for you.

Effective Laser Hair Treatment on Blonde And Red Hair

Ok so you know your Fitzpatrick rating and you are aware that technology plays a key role in hair removal success now you need to move on to finding the clinic that can best help you.

First off FDA-authorized laser removal clinics are the minimum standard you need to achieve, and thankfully most clinics are approved through the FDA. However for blondes and red heads this is not enough. You will need to find a clinic that has modern laser systems as well. These newer systems have precise control over the exact wavelength of the laser and therefore offer a greater degree of accuracy. The clinics that have this type of technology are able to fine-tune the laser treatment to meet the demands of any type of skin and hair combination.

Top brands of laser systems to look for are

Epilight™ System

Elos™ System

The latter system uses a novel combination of laser and radio wave technology and is the cutting edge of the new “hybrid" laser hair removal systems.

Other options for laser hair removal for blonde hairs include hybrid systems such as the “ELOS" system, which merges laser technology with the use of radio waves.

Laser Hair Removal For Blonde And Red Hair

The fact is that if you are willing to do a little interviewing of clinics you can have a successful laser hair removal session whether you are blonde or red haired. Technology has and is changing and it is a bigger subject than we have space here to cover. Fortunately if you are looking for the latest and best information then there is a good resource for you. Click to a popular site for hair removal information and reviews including laser hair removal costs .


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