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Which Areas of the Face Can Be Treated With Restylane?


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Restylane is a new procedure invented in Sweden which is a cosmetic procedure that rejuvenates people. It is a popular procedure almost all over the world. It is non-invasive and simple. It consists of injecting a special gel called hyaluronic acid gel into the part of the face that needs to be treated.

It is a dermal filler and fills up the places in the skin which have been affected by age. It can be used to remove wrinkles and lines, to reduce the lines around the mouth, for contouring the cheeks and the mouth and of modifying nasolabial folds and eye trough deformities. It is also used to enhance the lip structure to make it look more beautiful than it did before.

These derma fillers make the skin appear rounder and smoother. Thus when Restylane injections are given on the lips, they regain the lost glory and become young and appealing. When the injections are given on the lines of the forehead, they soften and give a rejuvenated appearance to the patient. The crow's feet around the eyes as one ages, can be lessened and made less visible by using restylane. Also the laugh lines around the mouth and the folds under the nose can also be corrected to a great extent by using this therapy. Sometimes the eyes are set much deeper inside the socket as one ages and there are troughs below the eyes which can be improved with treatments.

There are many other uses on the face which can bring back the lost youth to some extent and make the person look less older than they actually are. Thanks to restylane injections. These injections are injected at the suitable places and they fill up the troughs and restore the lost contours of the face. As the injections are given through very fine needles, the patient just feels as if some insect has bitten them. There may be slight redness or pain or soreness or even a burning sensation as it is an acid used. But these subside soon and the skin gets back to normal with the effect of the injections being noticeable.

Face is the most visible part of a person and if the first impression is good then the person is really impressive. Even if years have been added to the personality, restylane and other therapies can take off the years and make the person look youthful and good.

Find out more about Restylane such as the risks, recovery period, Restylane cost and much more.


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