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What Imperfections Can Botox and Collagen Injections Minimize?


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Botox and collagen injections can rejuvenate, make the person look younger and remove the wrinkles and lines from the face. These are very popular beauty treatments which are comparatively new but have caught up with people round the world.

Everyone wants to remain young; no one would like to have an old, haggard and wrinkled appearance. But nature has ideas of her own. She makes youth a very attractive proposition and old age a very disturbing one. People want to catch hold of youth and keep it forever. As this is not possible, the next best thing is to find out ways and means of making people look younger. Botox and collagen have made this possible and everyone wants to cash in on it. Especially since these treatments are not very expensive and are within the reach of the public.

The worry lines on the forehead, the crow's feet around the eyes may not disappear totally but they can certainly be minimized using these injections. Some have laugh lines around their lips These laugh lines can be smoothened using these treatments and made to look softer and lighter. Some have drooping eyes; some have thick flesh bands on their necks, which are all due to age. These can be minimized by these methods. Age sometimes makes the lips thinner than original. Using collagen injections the patient can have fuller lips which drastically reduce his age and appearance.

These injections can be given within a brief time and the patient can resume his activities after a short rest period. The treatments are given into the muscles with the aim of relaxing and paralyzing them so that more wrinkles and lines are not formed, and those that are already there are not deepened. They are also injected but under the skin so that it fills up the loose skin and smoothen the wrinkles and lines.

Million of people have minimized their imperfections using these injections. There are hardly any serious side effects unless allergy testing has not been done and the patient develops allergy to collagen or botox. The small side effects can be abrasions or itching or redness, which will disappear after a short period. Though botox is used mainly on the face for beauty purposes, collagen can be used anywhere on the body wherever it is needed and it works by minimizing the problems. Old age is no longer a dreaded period, thanks to these treatments.

Dr. Jim Greene would like to invite you to learn more about collagen and botox right now! Watch videos, chat, shop and get more valuable information that will help you learn more about botox and collagen injections. Find out the cost of injections, side effects of botox and more.


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