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Is There A Digestion And Cellulite Connection?


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Proper digestion of food is very important for your proper physical and mental growth. Many diseases are usually due to improper digestion of food. For proper digestion of the food, it should be properly chewed so that the saliva is mixed well with the food. Proper time should be given for your meal for proper digestion. There is also a direct relation between the cellulite formation and the improper digestion of food.
It is recommended to chew the food properly so that it is broken down into the smaller pieces.

The smaller pieces are easily digestible and also increase the effects of several digestive enzymes present in the mouth, stomach and intestine. When the food is not chewed properly, the effects of many digestive enzymes are minimized. Due to improper food grinding the proper hormone secretion is also disturbed and many essential digestive enzymes are not secreted in the required quantity in mouth, small intestine and large intestine.

So, when the food reaches to the small and large intestine, many food particles are too big and are not absorbable in the blood. These food particles which are not properly digested are the ideal place for the harmful bacteria. Bacteria attack these food particles and start growing and multiplying, rapidly.

This results in the damage of intestine and production of various toxins that are absorbed into the blood. These toxins are then reached to the liver. Liver tries to remove all these toxins from the blood which are then excreted. But usually, only small amount of toxins is removed and the remaining toxins are mixed with the fat cells beneath the skin tissues. These toxins are stored in the fat tissues to protect the other parts of the body from more damages.

Now, these toxins present in the fat tissues under the skin may be the cause of cellulite formation. The effect of these toxins is increased if the blood supply to the skin tissues is decreased too. The usual orange peel and wrinkled skin is the cause of these toxins.

In this situation, proper and regular exercise will increase the blood supply to the skin tissues that will help in this condition. Proper chewing of the food, giving proper time and attention while taking food and some exercise will be very helpful. These habits will not allow the toxins to be produced in your gut and will minimize the chances of cellulite development.

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