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Bee Pollen Cosmetics - More than Just a Beauty Product


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The healing powers of bee pollens are very popular throughout the centuries. Some of the famous philosophers in the old times like Hippocrates have witnessed and personally experienced the numerous health benefits from these pollens. There are a lot of researches done and others are still currently ongoing which aim to find more uses for the nature's most perfect and complete food.

One of the recent developments in research is the inclusion of the New Zealand bee pollens in cosmetic preparations. These pollens are free from the harmful effects of pollution from the environment and that is why New Zealand pollens are the most widely preferred cosmetic additive. Bee pollen cosmetics have been found to have rejuvenating and nourishing effects for the skin. However, not all people can use this kind of cosmetic preparation, especially if they are allergic to bees and bee products because unpleasant allergic reactions may be at hand.

In ancient times, beeswax, royal jelly, and propolis, all products from the bees, are used in cosmetics, perfumes, and even spa treatments. These are still widely used in some beauty products nowadays because of their unsurpassed skin benefits. With the advent of bee pollen cosmetics, consumers who seek out naturally prepared beauty products for their skin regimen will gladly enjoy more benefits as compared to the conventionally or chemically prepared cosmetics.

Some dermatologists have successfully treated their patients for acne through supplementing their diet with pollen from the bee and were recommended to use bee pollen cosmetics only. Bee products, when used both internally and externally, were found to nourish the skin and stimulate cell renewal because of the high concentration of the nucleic acids RNA and DNA, as well as numerous other components.

There is a wide array of cosmetics that includes pollen from the bee in their composition. Most of them are prepared in such a way to provide you with an enhanced natural look. The wide range of products includes lip care, facial night creams, moisturizers, liquid foundations, and so much more.

It is often advisable to take internal supplements together with your cosmetics as well, to enhance more of your inside and outside beauty. One of the important health benefits is its ability to slow down the aging process of each individual. This is due to the fact that it restores vigor and enhances cell regeneration processes. This health benefit from the pollen is commonly observed on the skin of a person taking bee supplements daily. They appear younger compared to their actual age and their skin is supple, soft, smooth, and almost wrinkle-free.

In addition, taking bee supplements everyday will lower bad cholesterol levels in the blood, increase red and white blood cells, increase *** functions in men and women as well as improve their reproductive system. The pollen will also rejuvenate various glands and organs like the liver for work efficiency, aid in cell regeneration, normalize chemical imbalances of the body for proper metabolism, as well as, increase ones protection from various diseases including cancer and tumor through its rich antioxidant properties.

The pollen can also treat some allergies through its antihistamine properties, and is known to increase mental alertness in adults as well as increase IQ levels in children. We have also found out that pollen from the bee can increase energy levels of the body and so much more.

Micheal Thomas is an editor for a series of health related websites. Learn about the best bee pollen supplement that we ourselves use daily after extensive product comparisons and research over at


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