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Cosmetics - Natural Ingredients Won't Kill You!

Ms CiCi

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Cosmetics ~ Here is an amazing little known fact: Dead sea cosmetics protect human skin from aging! Dead sea cosmetics are prepared with pure natural cosmetic products that really soothe your skin.

It is important to get into the habit of examining the labels of your cosmetics and skin care products carefully. Many of the skin care products and cosmetics sold in the market today actually contain ingredients that are not only harmful to your skin, but also to your long term health. Learn to recognize ingredients that are harmful to your skin and to your health.

There are serious concerns regarding the coloring used in cosmetics and personal care products such as lipstick, colored lip balms, lip gloss and lip pencils. Anyone who uses these regularly literally “eats" a fair quantity of these coloring products over their life time. These coloring ingredients also appear in various skin creams, foundations and mascara.

You may be unknowingly poisoning yourself with the many cancer-causing ingredients in today’s cosmetics, toiletries and personal care products. As an example, Tetrasodium EDTA: is thought to be safe when used in the small amounts presented in cosmetics. However, did you know it is also used in large amounts in household detergents? Interestingly enough, 450 ingredients that are used in the United States are banned for use in the European Union by the cosmetic industry.

It is well worth someone's time to do a thorough research on what is really beneficial for one's skin. As an example; Jojoba oil, unlike other oils, allows the skin to breathe. Also, Vitamin C is essential for the synthesis of collagen, a key structural protein of the skin. However, once a person “has" wrinkles, “orally" taking large amounts of Vitamin C is of little benefit for “reducing" those wrinkles. Thus, taking Vitamin C “orally" is most beneficial “before" those wrinkles develop.

More useful information can be found at:

Knowing how to read and interpret the ingredients label on cosmetics, toiletries and personal care products is a good habit to form. However, in this author's opinion, using pure, natural Dead Sea cosmetics is safest and best. ~ Ms. CiCi

Ms. CiCi, has a gift of teaching, is an accomplished author and world traveler who enjoys sharing her life's experiences with others, making their life, their world a bit easier. Her writings expose her wealth of “secret information" so derived from her travels as well as drawing from her own personal wealth of wisdom. A great lover of nature, a visit to her website is a true delight. http://www.CiCi-Online.Com


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