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The tanning bed been around for many years and over the years they certainly have had quite the transformation in style, design, and even tanning capabilities. One of the latest additions to the lines are vertical indoor tanning beds which have become very popular.

Today the beds have much strong lamps and the bulbs have been perfected producing a deep golden tan that's even all over. The beds are also much more comfortable because a great deal of thought has gone into making them ergonomically correct.

And not only are they comfortable to use providing a nice wide platform they also look great. The designs and styles of today are very space age and much more pleasing to the eye than those models of only a few years ago.

But building the latest and greatest tanning bed is a bit like running a marathon. There's a lot at stake and only the first to cross the finish line actually wins the big prize. The indoor tanning industry is a billion dollar industry and all the players want to be first.

This is what led to the introduction of the vertical tanning bed, an innovative movement forward in tanning beds. These beds are a win win for the salon and the consumer. The salon requires less space for the vertical bed and the client likes the additional safety features. And for anyone that's even a little claustrophobic it's great!

The vertical beds have stronger lamps which is why they guarantee they can tan you all over much quicker. This means all you need is 3 to 5 minutes, and by the second or third visit you are already seeing results. And there's no turning and no missed spots.

As well, because you are not lying on a surface they are much more hygienic. Almost everyone who has tried the vertical tanning beds claims this is the ultimate tanning experience.

Those with busy schedules really like the convenience of the faster times. And there are some amazing new vertical beds on the market.

1. The Symphony
is very popular in salons with 48 - 180 watt lamps that are thermostatically controlled. It also have an intelligent airflow system to keep you comfortable and cool through your session and you can also enjoy your favorite tunes with the built in stereo system.

2. The Sunscape SS756V
offers a true 200 watt vertical tanning, the first of its kind. The 2 meter long lamps cover you from top to bottom.

3. The SolarForce 652V
has the S2 advanced technology and provides 160 watt lamps. Its cool air system will keep you comfortable and relaxed.

4. The Aurora
This is a new bed to the market. It looks good, it is durable with its precision engineering. It also provides the best tanning results so far. The cool body jet system will keep you comfortable while tanning.

5. The Topaz
this vertical booth is designed with the smaller salon in mind. It's got the quality of the Aurora but it is more compact and slightly slimmer so it easily fits in a smaller room. It can be purchased with 44, 48 or 60 lamps and it gives terrific tanning results. It has a full pod change complete with mirror, vanity, and clothing hooks.

So are indoor tanning beds for you? That's a question only you can answer. If you decide to give them a try start with shorter sessions only a couple of times a week and then increase.

It's a well known fact that having golden tanned skin looks good and makes us feel better. So why not give vertical indoor tanning beds a try and see what you think.

Claris has worked for a tanning salon for more than 5 years and has extensive knowledge on both tanning methods of products such as lotions, sun screen and home tanning beds . At , Claris will give you a 2-Week “Perfect Tan" regiment that will provide you with the exact shade that you want without sacrificing your skin health.


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