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How old is your skin really? According to the latest wave of skin rejuvenation technologies, your skin's future may be sitting deep within your skin. . . emerging age spots, lines, wrinkles and even signs of low moisture or dehydration.

The question for consumers is “how much do you want to know now, and how much are you prepared to pay in order to start an early preemptive counter-offensive against wrinkles, age spots, rough dry skin, clogged pores, even skin cancer cells"?

Holy Grail of Skin Care - Knowing What's Wrong.

What more could you accomplish in terms of creating enhanced skin beauty and a more youthful appearance if you actually knew for a fact what individual skin tissue areas were doing? Answer is quite a lot.

Scanning technologies, based on cold-light penetrating your skin's tissue layers, are painless diagnostic tools that can capture remarkably discrete information regarding the interior health and chemistry of your skin. What are you looking for? Essentially, the light probe makes contact with three key components of your skin, namely collagen, melanin and hemoglobin.

How Your Skin Health Is Assessed.

Cold light probes are used to determine differences in the quality and underlying chemistry of your skin at different points around your body. The diagnostician passes the light wand over areas such as your face, neck and hands. . . areas subject to most wear-and-tear such as sun damage or heat and cold. However, these “high use" skin areas need some comparative reference point, such as a more protected area of skin as along the inner side of your arms.

Side-by-side comparisons between your face skin and inner arm skin immediately reveal “differences" that you can now act on in terms of rejuvenating your looks.

Examples Of What Cold Light Skin Analysis Can Find.

Imagine that you're a young woman in her 30's or early 40's. You've done everything right in terms of diet, exercise and daily skin care. Your skin looks great. Everyone admires you.

However, what if you discover that “just below the skin" dark splotches associated with age spots and sun damage have already formed! Of course, you'd immediately move to a skin rejuvenation treatment program to reduce those dark patches. You'd also know, for a fact, that you have to scale back your exposure to the sun plus increase the form of sunscreen skin protection you use.

Other sorts of “advanced skin deterioration" picked up by cold-light analysis include dehydration which is a telltale sign of aging skin. Also, infections and blackheads, magnified over 40 times tell you exactly what to do in terms of reducing these sort of surface skin blemishes and toxin build-ups.

The Limits Of Cold Light Skin Analysis.

No drug store skin scan will tell you whether you have cancer cells forming in sub-dermal tissue layers. For these sort of medical assessments, you'll need to consult a professional dermatologist or oncologist.

The other sort of drug-store scan limitation is in the area of scans that produce “false positives" which is where the so-called reports indicate your skin is just fine, when in fact you have a potentially serious medical condition emerging.

Bottom line, skin scans and analysis are all about skin beauty issues. . . getting tips on what to look for and what may be occurring outside your vision. Does skin analysis guarantee results? No, but given the wealth of skin care science, you can add skin analysis into your skin care kit bag. After all, since you know that moisture and fine lines are typical of “early aging" in your skin, you'll do whatever you can to slow down time's impact on your appearance.

Find out more about facial wrinkle and skin rejuvenation treatments, facial line skin therapies, costs, health risks, what takes place in each treatment, how to choose the right skin and beauty therapist and more.

Skin Rejuvenation Strategies:

Reducing Wrinkles With Microdermabrasion:

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