Cosmetic Surgery Surgeons: How To Select A Good One


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Making the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery can be an overwhelming and life-changing decision. However, the question of choosing the right surgeon for the job can leave you equally perplexed. There is no dearth of cosmetic surgeons, but it is imperative that you chose a surgeon with loads of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. You may find an expert surgeon in your vicinity, or you might have to travel a few hundred miles in your quest for the best. But the initial botheration will surely yield fruitful results.

To expedite your search for an expert cosmetic surgeon, it is crucial that you crosscheck their credentials prior to undergoing surgery. Check if they are certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or some other prominent cosmetic surgery board. You could crosscheck your state’s medical board to verify the surgeon’s credentials. Having narrowed down on one or two superlative surgeons it is time for an elaborate consultation.

The most common aspects that you may focus on during an initial consultation are as follows:-

- You may inquire about the cosmetic surgeon’s area of expertise.

- Ensure that the surgeon has performed a substantial number of cosmetic surgery procedures.

- Make sure that the surgeon wields the best technological equipment available.

- If price is a factor, check if the expenses incurred meet your budget.

- Ask the surgeon for pictures of his/her earlier patients, depicting both pre and post-surgery images.

- Cosmetic surgery, like any other surgical procedure, involves risks and complications. The surgeon must not dismiss the risks of surgery, and should be willing to discuss any possible complication of cosmetic surgery.

- Most importantly, ensure that the surgeon will be actively involved in post-operative care.

- And finally, shun away any sales gimmicks or unrealistic bargains.

On the whole, an excellent result largely depends on the expertise of the cosmetic surgeon. Hence, choose a surgeon with discretion, since a successful cosmetic surgery could give you a huge boost.

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