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Distinguishing Type O from Type M Disorders


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Back problems, neck pains, and headaches have become a part of our everyday life. To deal with this pain, many people see a Vancouver Chiropractor for an immediate adjustment to remedy the pain. Others have experienced years and years of back pain or neck injuries and routinely visit the chiropractor on a weekly basis. Whether you try to solve your own back pain or you see a Chiropractor, it is extremely important to determine whether you are suffering from a Type O problem or Type M problem.

Type O problems are caused by infectious or organic disease; this should always be brought to the attention of a physician. Type M problems are mechanical in nature and are caused by stiffness of muscles, joints and ligaments. If pain occurs while doing daily household works like bending, sitting, turning in bed, sneezing or coughing, then your trouble is probably mechanical or Type M in nature. Type M problem, once diagnosed by a physician, can be self treated, or can be worked on by different types of healthcare professionals like chiropractors, massage therapists, and/or physiotherapists, depending on the severity of the injury.

Type O problems are caused by some organic disease and often cause headaches and other unexpected pains in the body. The most serious types of headaches are caused by tumors, aneurysms, and other diseases that place pressure on brain. A severe headache accompanied by vomiting, weakness, disturbance in speech must be immediately investigated by a neurologist. A neurological procedure might include MRI study of the brain. Headache associated with fever might be caused by some sort of disease or infection. Pain caused by a Type O disorder is much more severe as compared to the pain caused by Type M disorder.

There’s a simple way to distinguish between Type M disorder and Type O disorder. If you feel pain by the movement of that body part, then chances are that it is a muscular pain or Type M pain. However, if the pain is not affected by the movement of body, there may be a possibility that the pain is caused by Type O disorder.

Some knowledge of these disorders will help a person to combat these pains. It is not necessary to consult a doctor if you don’t have a history of back trouble or if the pain was caused by physical activity or chores that place a strain on your back. But if the pain persists and becomes hard to deal with then it is advisable and wise to consult a good Chiropractor Vancouver as you are likely suffering from a M type disorder. When your pain is unbearable and you have ruled out daily activities that may have caused your back and neck to strain, it is extremely important to see a doctor and potentially go for a full body check-up to figure what the real problem might be.

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