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Low Back Pain Has Many Names


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Sciatica. Herniated Discs. Ruptured Discs. Acute back pain. Chronic back pain. Compressed discs. Pinched nerve. Bulging discs. But no matter what you call it, it hurts.

The truth is, all of the above are really just medical speak for back pain. They are all caused by a general misshaping of the discs in the back.

Still, when you ask people about their back pain they will use the medical speak to describe it. It sounds so much more painful to say you have herniated disc than it is to say I have a back ache.

In the absence of trauma, back pain is back pain. The various descriptions of disc problems and sciatica are all one problem, the result of which is chronic or acute pain.

The medical profession can do nothing for these problems other than put you on pain pills and anti-inflammatory. All they do is stop the body from getting the attention it needs.

I suffered for twenty years with back pain because I was waiting for someone else to cure it. With pain as a motivation, I was forced to take the matter into my own hands because nobody else was helping.

With proper extension, stretching, and inversion therapy I was pain free in a matter of weeks. Take the time to learn how to stop your own back pain. It doesn't bother your doctor if your back hurts, so why look to them for the cure?

Don't be fooled by medical speak and the assumption that you can't stop the pain on your own. The truth is, nobody else can do it for you.

Cure your own back pain safely

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Lower Back Pain Hip Pain Gluteus Medius
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