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What is Whiplash?


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Whiplash or more commonly known as neck pain, is a term first used in 1923, defining pain follows by an injury on the soft tissues on the neck. Many doctors prefer to use specific terms: cervical sprain, cervical strain or hyperextension injury to describe the injury. This is often resulted by unusual force on the neck.

There are many reasons to cause whiplash such as motor vehicle accidents, sporting activities, falls and assaults. When whiplash is being ignored, neck pain, neck swelling, tenderness along the back of neck, muscle spasm, difficulty moving neck around, headache may occur after few minutes or hours. The possibility for patients to suffer memory loss or period of unconsciousness after collision is very high especially when they experience severe pain in the back of head.

Most people recover quickly while others develop chronic signs. Whiplash syndrome is a continuing symptom after whiplash trauma experienced by minority of people. This may cause continual headaches, lumbar pains, fatigues and sleep disruptions. It is difficult to treat the syndrome and the best way is to prevent any further strain.

Prevention is always better than cure. Here are some tips to help you to prevent the almost incurable pain:

i. Use headrests when driving in the car as this can help to reduce severity of neck pain when accident occurs.

ii. Ensure the headrest is placed according to your height.

iii. Learn proper stretching exercise and do not stress the neck once it is heal to reduce the chances for whiplash syndrome.

iv. Consider chiropractic if pain persists. The healing method when applied with accurate skill can reduce the pain.

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