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The Best Shoes to Alleviate Low Back Pain


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Although relatively uncommon, footwear cannot be ruled out for having an influence on low back pain. For the purposes of this article, I shall be looking at how over pronation (also known as flat feet / dropped arches) may be influencing your low back pain.

Before progressing any further, I am going to assume that walking / standing is one of the worst things for your pain. The reason I mention this, is because if it is not, and let's say walking actually eases your pain (which it does for many people) it is unlikely your footwear is having any influence at all on your low back pain!

Now we have established that, I shall pose my first question. . .

Is your pain the same regardless of what you are wearing on your feet, or is some footwear better / worse than others? If they are the same and you have several different types of shoes, your footwear may not be the problem. Instead it could be the physical process of walking which is aggravating your pain. This could be a result of how your muscles are working and the stresses they are placing upon your low back, as opposed to what is on your feet. Whereas if certain footwear is better / worse for your low back pain it is possible they are contributing to your low back pain. This would lead to my next question, which is:

What is the arch support like in the footwear of the shoes which makes your pain better / worse?

What I would be specifically looking at here is, is there good support for the footwear you find most comfortable or very little support on those which make your pain worse? The reason I am asking this, is because over pronation (flat feet / dropped arches) can have an influence on low back pain due to the way it causes the leg to twist in and place increased stress upon the lower back. Therefore, if you are finding footwear which has a good arch support is better for your low back (or the shoes with very little support make your pain worse), it maybe that your feet are over pronated and it is this which is contributing to your pain. Under these circumstances, as well as considering some good calf stretches as tight calf muscles can lead to over pronation, I would also suggest you try some off the shelf orthotics to see if they help. The reason I mention off the shelf orthotics, is because a lot of the time these can be just as good as prescribed ones. In addition to this however, is the fact that purpose made orthotics can cost hundreds of dollars.

Off the shelf ones are just a fraction of that cost and will still be a good indicator as to whether over pronation is a contributor to your pain. In addition to this, there are some off the shelf orthotics which even offer a 30 day money back guarantee! Therefore, if you find they help or resolve your pain, you have saved yourself a lot of money, whereas if they have not, you simply ask for your money back! In summary, over pronation can definitely be a contributor to low back pain, hopefully this article has helped guide you as to whether it may be influencing the pain you are currently suffering with.

Paul Boxcer - Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapist, has over 10 years experience of treating people in pain. During this time and especially over the last few years, he has concentrated his treatment on those suffering with Low Back Pain & Sciatica.

Following years of analysis of different treatment procedures ( ) his belief is that our own body has an innate desire to heal itself, no matter what the injury. When someone suffers from Low Back Pain it is no different.

By ensuring the body is given the correct conditions to heal itself, conditions such as Low Back Pain can be resolved just as easily as a twisted ankle or pulled muscle. . .

Knowing what to and not to do, is the crucial element.

His book "Free Yourself of Back Pain & Sciatica" not only explains everything you need to know in order to allow the body to heal itself, but also ensures the risk of subsequent episodes is kept to an absolute minimum. Subscribe NOW to his FREE 5 Day Course on how to treat your Low Back Pain and begin curing your pain STRAIGHT AWAY!


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