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Posterior Cervical Disectomy Under Spine


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Description of Posterior Cervical Disectomy -
Posterior - From the Back
Cervical - Neck
Discectomy - Removal of the protruding part of the disc.

This surgery is usually recommended for the problem of :
1. Herniated Nucleus Pulposus
2. Bone Spurs
3. Foraminal Stenosis
4. The main reason for this surgery is pressure on a nerve going to the arm.
5. Cervical cord compression causing myelopathy (weakness in arms and legs).

About Surgery :

  • Surgery for Posterior Cervical Disectomy may be performed with patient on his or her stomach or sitting position.
  • This surgical technique involves an incision in the back of the neck in the midline. The neck muscles are moved aside to access the back of the spinal column usually resulting in more short term discomfort than the anterior approach.
  • The microscope or an endoscope is used to look down the tube and visualize the spine.
  • The bone over the nerve root is exposed and then a portion of this is removed with a special instrument taking any remaining pressure off the nerve. The operation is completed when the neck incision is closed in several layers.
  • Dissolving suture material may be used and a waterproof dressing is applied on the incision.

    There is 90% satisfaction outcome from this disectomy. Pain, Numbness, Clumsiness, Lost of Bowel, Bladder, Injury to major blood vessles, leakage of spinal fluid these are some complications are possible.

    Some specialized hospitals in India achieved accreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI) standard. They availed high quality and cost effective advanced surgery in India.

    For more details about the spine surgery or hospitals please visit at

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