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Singular Asthma


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Recent study says that the rates of lung infections are sky rocketing, mainly due to the atmospheric and environment pollution. Allergenic asthma has become very common all over the world, nearly 20 % of the world population is affected by any one of the allergenic disease. Singular asthma can be controlled by proper medication, environment keeping and exercises.

Asthma is considered as a non curable disease. As long as the patient lives in the allergenic environment, he is subjected to the asthmatic attack. During the asthmatic attack one can become out of breath which can become fatal if not properly medicated immediately. Wheezing and coughing are other symptoms of asthmatic attack. The sight of a patient suffering from severe asthmatic attack is pitiable. What types of treatments or exercises are there to control the asthma and help the patient to lead a normal life? What types of precautions one need to take against the allergenic asthmatic attack?

Let us see how to avoid allergenic effects by properly controlling the locality clean and neat.

  • Make sure that all the ventilations are equipped with air filters. This will effectively controls the allergenic dust particles and other particles from entering the room.

  • Keep always bed, pillows, pillow covers and other materials in the room dust free and cub web free. Dusts and such things are stimulants for asthmatic attacks.

  • Do not welcome ant pets within the close proximity, Pets are a source for allergy.

  • Do not use flowers; flowers have many allergens in them.

  • Coir products and carpets are potential sources of allergic particles. Avoid such things from contact.

  • Avoid food items and medicines which are shown as allergic to the patients.

  • Take enough water daily, this will surely clean your body by sweating and urination.

    Now let us see the exercise part. Yoga is proved to be very effective in controlling asthma. Especially breathing exercises are proven techniques to increase the vitality of the lungs. Also one can try out some mild exercises every day at least half an hour, which will improve the resistive power and improve the lungs power and function. If required singular asthma patient can take medications before going for exercises.

    Considering the medication, many anti histamine medicines are available in the market which effectively controls the allergenic attacks. Presently there are many pills and inhalers are made available for the purposeful treatment of asthma. Singulair is a modern medicine which is prescribed for singular asthma patients and it is proven to be highly effective in controlling the asthma. Singulair has worked wonders in many of the asthma patients and many singular asthmatic patients have started doing their normal life.

    Robert Grazian is an accomplished niche website developer and author. To learn more about singular asthma visit Help for Asthma for current articles and discussions.

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