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How Can Asthma Patients Avoid Triggering Attacks?

Ujwala Bapat

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Asthma should be looked at as a condition rather than a disease; this is what all renowned specialists say about asthma. There are a lot of things than can be taken care of, if you want to avoid asthma attacks. None of these methods really require any medication, instead there is a little bit of dieting and following a certain schedule that will help you fight and avoid asthma attacks.

There are something like 28 tests done for finding out what exactly triggers asthma, these tests include all reasons like:


Suspended particulate matter in air;

Dust mites;


Animal hair;

Smells and odors;



Season changes;

And Temperatures, etc. just to name a few.

All the above reasons have been bifurcated to point out more accurately at the problem of triggering asthma attacks. There are also some other reasons like heredity and age why some people begin suffering from asthma. However, both the reasons mentioned before are used only by people like us, these have not been supported by the medical fraternity completely.

Reasons as to what triggers your asthma could differ, however there are some rules that can be followed to decrease frequency of this troubling and exhausting condition. These are as follows:

  • Though modern medical science does not really believe in it, ancient medicine Ayurveda believed in the fact that the type of food you eat at night or sometimes at any time of the day might trigger asthma. Therefore, generally the person suffering from this condition is advised to avoid oily and fatty foods like the fried foods, cakes, sprouts, meat, and anything that does not get digested easily and fast, at night, instead you could have freshly made salads, cooked vegetables, without too many spices, rice preparations, etc.
  • Try and avoid use of cheese, mayonnaise, curd, cucumber, ice creams, etc. at night, if you love them eat these at your fullest during daytime, after sunset, you should strictly implement dietary changes.
  • It is necessary that the food you eat has fiber for easy digestion, it should not weigh the chest down and you should not eat too much, eat light and simple or this would trigger asthma.
  • If your asthma has been triggered due to pollution, though the solution to move to a better surrounding may prove tedious and expensive, it should be done for your betterment and relaxation. If you still insist on staying in the same place get yourself an air purifier which would help you clear the air off pollutants to a large extent and keep your environment healthy.
  • Avoid eating or drinking refrigerated or cold stuff, avoid getting cold and cough because this too can trigger asthma
  • Try exercising and a sport, swimming is known to benefit asthma patients to a large extent.
  • Make sure you have identified the pollens and bacteria that trigger asthma with help of your physicians, keeping knowledge about your condition would greatly help you fighting with this condition.
  • Avoid smoking; toxins entering your body can trigger asthma tremendously.
  • At your home, avoid using carpets completely, instead use a wooden flooring and use carpets only on small areas, also make sure that you clean, vacuum and disinfect the carpets regularly, bacteria, mold and carpet fiber can cause asthma.
  • Ensure none of the areas inside of home has trapped air that has not been refreshed, inhaling stale air, also ensure there is no mold or fungus growing in any area of your home.
  • While cooking ensure the cooking fumes go out of your home because these too may cause breathing attacks.
  • Another great way of ensuring that your tummy does not become heavy after you eat is that you should take a walk before sleeping, these walks help in digestion and there will be less asthmatic problem at night.
  • You will also benefit if you learn and practice the art of breathing healthily, ‘Pranayama’ that yoga teaches, this will help you get out of asthma attacks naturally and fast. For mild asthma people can try out ‘Bhasrika', form of breathing exercise.

All in all you require good style of living if you want to fight against asthma, a healthy lifestyle will not only give you a long life, you can also expect a healthy life if you follow all the above rules.


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Asthma Air Purifier - An Essential Tool to Reduce Attacks in Your Home
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