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Latest Minimally Invasive Surgery Options in Orthopedics

Lena Rivera

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Minimally Invasive Surgery

What is minimally invasive surgery?

Minimally invasive surgery can be defined as a surgery that minimizes surgical incisions and decreases trauma. This types of surgeries involves thin-needles and an endoscope to visually guide the surgery.

What are some of the latest minimally invasive orthopedic surgery options?

With the help of best hospitals and surgeons who perform every surgery innovatively, with their hard work and dedication they have come up with a new technique which demands less hospital stay, less scars, involves small incision because of which a body faces less trauma. Few orthopaedic surgery options are mentioned below.

Knee Arthroscopy:

This procedure involves replacing some or all the components of knee joint with synthetic implant in order to repair damaged arthritic weight-bearing surface that causes pain. This surgery replaces all the three compartments of the knee which is affected and damaged by arthritis, where as partial knee replacements involves implant in just one or two compartments of knee joint. There are surgical and non-surgical interventions which will often provide temporary relief.

Hip Arthroscopy:

Hip arthroscopy is a common orthopaedic procedure and with the growing population it is expected to become even more common. Replacement of the hip joint using an implant or prosthesis relieves pain. This procedure improves the mobility which helps you to resume your normal, everyday activities. The traditional surgery involves a long incision in order to view and access the hip joint which is a lengthy procedure. Unlike to traditional method of surgery a minimally invasive surgery is in woke which involves less trauma to the body, shorter incision, less hospital visit etc. The top joint replacement surgeon in India will decide the surgical option according to your medical reports.

Shoulder Arthroscopy:

A minimally invasive diagnostic and surgical procedure performed in order to correct join problems is called as arthroscopy. This process is performed using a pencil-sized instrument which is called as arthroscope. This scope consists of a camera and light system in order to project images to a computer screen for the surgeon to view the targeted area. This process is used to correct critical conditions like injuries including the bones, ligaments, cartilage, muscles and tendons of the shoulder joint.

Minimally Invasive Total Joint Replacement:

A traditional method of total joint replacement involves a single long incision to view the targeted joint that has to be replaced. Similarly a variation of this approach is minimally invasive surgical procedure; in this procedure one or two shorter incisions are given to the body which gives fewer traumas to the body and an endoscope is used to visually guide the surgery. A total joint replacement is a surgical procedure that replaces the damaged arthritic joint with a metal, plastic or ceramic device called prosthesis. This is how a total joint replacement surgery is performed.

Am I a candidate for a minimally invasive orthopedic surgery?

Many orthopaedic conditions like injuries, arthritis etc demands a surgical treatment procedure and in such conditions traditional surgical method is most commonly preferred. If in case surgery is necessary one should consult an experienced orthopaedic surgeon. Consulting an experienced professional clear the patients confusion and determine whether a minimally invasive surgical procedure will be best for your needs.


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