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Review of Biofreeze Pain Relief for Back Pain


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Being human, all of us are predisposed to some form of body pain, especially, the all too common, back pain. For the fortunate among us with high pain tolerance, the pain is usually bearable while for others it may be severe. Some people have to deal with back pain regularly.

There are several medications and treatments for back pain including analgesics, ointments, massages and different types of pain therapy. There are also many exercises aimed at relieving the upper and lower back pain. The results of such treatment vary greatly depending on the nature of the pain experienced by the person. One such pain reliever for back pain is the BioFreeze Pain Relieving Gel from Performance Health Inc. The main purpose of BioFreeze is to provide temporary pain relief and is recommended for those suffering from joint pain or back pain.

BioFreeze is an analgesic which is in the form of a gel and it has been used in several pain relief therapies, training and exercises. The application of the gel eases the pain greatly and gives over all comfort. The product was created by Dr. Danné King. Ilex is a South American holly shrub which provides a special herbal extract that is the primary ingredient in the gel. The herbal extract from this plant is used in a number of formulations for health and fitness all around the world. The extract has qualities which provide relief for several types of body pain including back pain.

BioFreeze provides immediate and lasting pain relief for many common conditions including muscle sprains, sore muscles, pain in the neck, shoulders and back, pregnancy related back pain, painful ankle, hip, knee and elbow joints and other types of muscular strains. The application of BioFreeze can also relieve pain before medical treatments such as ultrasound, trigger point therapy for soft tissues, massage therapy and for rehabilitation exercises.

The gel has helped many with joint and back pain and they will vouch for its effectiveness. BioFreeze is free of oils, waxes, petroleum or aloe and also of medicinal odor. It is quickly absorbed and gives relief almost immediately. The gel is lightly massaged or rubbed onto aching areas. It can be applied up to 4 times per day without any risk of side effects. If you are using a wrap around the area where the gel was applied, then use a very porous wrap. The gel is absorbed quickly and the results are almost immediate.

BioFreeze is used by most doctors when treating muscle strains as it penetrates deep and gives lasting relief. Several testing facilities and pain relief treatments use BioFreeze as well. The product is complete value for money and can be used almost anywhere on the body. You can return unopened products within 30 days of purchase and get your money back. This gel is unlike nay other pain relief gel you will find in the market and its proven effectiveness makes it the ideal choice for those suffering from joint or lower back pain.

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