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The Sino-Russian trade


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Lose spirit to China and other Pacific Asia nations. The company of two countries is positive thing two natural gas pipeline items carry on a business negotiation. The west line piping can to Chinese year of transport 30,000,000,000 to sign a square rice natural gas. The east line can transport 38,000,000,000 to sign a square rice. The Sino-Russian main category eyes cooperation counterplan international seminar that hold in June, this year up. Two country's experts put forward. The Sino-Russian can surround the Russian forest, mineral and land resources cooperation start main category eyes in the future. Moreover Russia constructs market, travel market and protect tax area etc. s all have unite the potential of development.

The machine electricity product export is fierce to increase to cause China to Russia trade head now surplus is according to statistic from Russia maritime customs. This year first half year Russia to China unfavorable balance of trade already 12. USD 700,000,000. This is Russia develops to trade to China for the very first time appear unfavorable balance of trade. The every month extends after. Front the statistics in October. Russia continues to increase into USD 7,500,000,000 to China unfavorable balance of trade. The expert inside the industry on these grounds judges:In 2007 all in the middle of the year country to Russia trade present surplus haven't hanged to read. This is a new variety that the bilateral Sino-Russian trade develops to appear over 50 years. See from the statistics data. Changing the main factor that the Sino-Russian trades the amount of more than 50 in the last yearses structure and form is a Chinese machine electricity the product to the continuously increasing of the Russian exit. Since 90's in last century. Sino-Russian's trading merchandise structure has been presenting the following characteristics:Is Chinese to mainly export days, such as textile product, clothing, shoe and appliance. . . etc. to use a consumer goods to Russia. From Russia import energy, steel material mostly, turn fatty, log and have original material merchandises like color metal, etc. Recent two years. China was obviously excellent to turn to the merchandise structure that Russia exports. In 2006. The machine electricity product jumps to reside for China to the biggest merchandise that Russia exports. The machine gives or gets an electric shock the exit scale of product to for successive years and significantly increase:Increase 75% in 2005.

Increase 88% in 2006. Compared for 20071-9 months to increase last year same period 100%. The machine electricity that China exports product mainly includes:The electrical engineering, electricity and sound are like an equipments and it zero enclosures;Check a reaction heap, boiler and machine tool and spare parts;Vehicle and it is zero enclosures. In addition. According to the analysis of the commerce department. Cause the reason that the Russian import and export margin spaces out gradually's including two:On being Russian local market demands to extend gradually. Under the situation that hard native merchandise meets the demands. Sharply increase from the import from China. The machine electricity product of particularly high additional value imports double to grow.

Two is the restriction that is subjected to an oneself industrial structure. Exit merchandise in Russia still regards energy product as principle. It is more single. Under the sistuation that the local market continuously extends to the energy need. It outward exports ability to descend gradually. Compare under. Russia exports to then still take original material and resources product as lords to China. High new technique product and machine give or get an electric shock a product of export to still and just and continuously descend to China. Russia has the proportion to export the total amount to China to descend to to the machine electricity product that China exports in 20061.2%.20071-9 month Russia carried out to stop declining a rally for the first time to the exit of China machine equipments. Increase to be up to 30%. But also has to always export to China to Russia of 1.5%. -The Sino-Russian economic trade cooperates further the development still keep facing an obstacle though currently both parties’ economics and trade relationship in the Sino-Russian develop smoothly.

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