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Here Are Foods to Avoid For Gout Sufferers


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Let's talk about foods to avoid for gout sufferers. As you may or may not know, gout is caused by the crystallization of uric acid (found naturally in the body). However, the crystallization part is not natural. An overload of uric acid will gradually increase the chance of this process. Food is a considerably large part of the uric acid level increase, so let's take a look at which parts of your diet will affect the crystallization of bad uric acid the most.

Uric acid can either be ‘spawned’ (or created) directly from food or be created by the body as a result of the food. To have a food directly create uric acid, it must be what people call ‘purine-rich', or just full of purines. Purines include adenine, guanine (two parts of DNA), caffeine, and uric acid. If a food is full of purines, chances are that the purines will include uric acid, which will also increase the chance of gout.

Foods that influence the body into creating larger amounts of uric acid do not necessarily need to have a high purine level. Most of these foods are high in protein. People who consume large amounts of meat have an increased chance for gout. This is the same with seafood. An especially controversial topic is whether or not eggs contribute to the possibility of gout. Everyone reacts differently, but a good recommendation is to stay away from eggs unless you know if your body reacts to them or not.

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