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Foods to Avoid With Gout - Are You Eating These Gout Foods?


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Those dealing with gout should be aware that there are several foods, which should be avoided at mealtime. Because gout is caused by an excessive buildup of uric acid, foods containing purines should be eliminated, altogether, if possible.

Purines are part of amino acids and complex proteins that make up the DNA. They can be recycled, making the over consumption of purine rich foods even worse, for gout sufferer's.

Although not a food, per se, alcohol should be avoided. This is especially true with beer, since it has a higher yeast content. (Any food product that contains bakers or brewers yeast should be taken off the menu. )

Some foods that should not be consumed by gout sufferers include: dried beans and peas, any type of gravy, shrimp, bouillon, broth, sardines, scallop, liver, kidneys, heart, brain, anchovies and mackerel. These items are VERY high in purines.

There are also foods, lower in purines that should be avoided, as well. These include spinach, mushrooms, fish, asparagus and chicken and other poultry. It has been suggested that consumption of all fish, poultry and meat should be limited to a total of five to six ounces, per day.

Studies show that sugar sweetened soft drinks may lead to an increased risk of gout. It is probably best that these beverages be replaced with something healthier. Water is a wonderful substitute, as it helps to flush uric acid, from the body. Everyone, regardless of their state of health, should drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Even though restricting or eliminating certain foods help prevent gout attacks, there are times you just have to get relief from the pain while in the throes of a vicious outbreak. For immediate gout pain relief , a safe and natural home remedy like the one at are becoming more popular and effective. And the greatest thing about it is you won't even need to leave the house, because you more than likely have what you need somewhere in your kitchen! Visit now for more information.


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