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Osteoarthritis - Diet and Lifestyle

Dr Rajesh Nair

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According to Ayurveda, a holistic way of living, Oestoarthritis, a chronic degenerative disease affecting the cartilages of joints can be managed by a good diet and lifestyle. It stops future deterioration of the joints and helps to rejunevate the damaged joints by normalizing the vitiated doshas.

Suggested diet and life style to treat osteoarthritis are :

  • Do mild weight bearing exercises regularly as they improve bone density.
  • When certain yogasanas are done with rythming breathing techniques they increase the tissue building and improves the strengthening and stretching of the muscles around the points.
  • Not to indulge in any type of work that involves standing for a long time.
  • Not to climb stairs or bend or squat. Walking a little distance may help.
  • Biking, swimming or aerobic dances helps to improve the bone condition.
  • Avoid alcohols, cigarettes, carbonated beverages.
  • Take food that is rich in calcium like cheese, orange juice, leafy vegetables. Cereals etc.
  • Drink milk regularly as it has vitamin D content in it.
  • Take a lot of vitamin K rich foods such as lettuce, spinach, Brussels sprouts etc. ,
  • Take care to consume only freshly cooked warm food and take hot soups of lentils, pulses and meat with ginger, black pepper and long pepper powdered sprinkled to it. .
  • It is essential to include a moderate amount of ghee and oil in diet as it lubricates the joints.
  • Avoid taking food that are sour, spicy, deed fried, oily, pungent, acid, dark poultry, refined sugar, femented food and also lessen the intake of salts.
  • Also follow some basic rules of not eating wrong combination of foods, eat only up to your limit, Strictly follow the timings of your eating and do not eat in between the meals.

A modified diet and good lifestyle along with ayurvedic medicines and panchkarma will yield a great result in treating OA.

Practicing meditation regularly calms down the mind and treats the dryness of mind which has a lasting effect to fight the pain.


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