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Articles about or concerning Anxiety, Treatment, Preventions, Causes, and Medications.
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Panic Attack Or Heart Attack Can You Tell?

 Lee Coppin (March 27, 2008)  When I had my first panic attack I was convinced that I was dying of a heart attack. After speaking to many suffers I found that this was a common misconception for people suffering panic attacks. In this short article we will look at the physical symptoms of a panic attack so that you can become familiar with the physical effect a Panic attack will have on your body. There is a saying . (Anxiety)

Tips On Treating A Generalized Anxiety Disorder

 Kenneth Langston (March 25, 2008)  Being anxious is a healthy and normal naturally occurring emotion that we all experience at some time. But there are some instances of it that are so compelling that they can deter your normal daily situation. This can in turn cause the sufferer to have to give up their normal, everyday routine. A Persistent Condition A generalized anxiety disorder is an anxiety disorder that is .. (Anxiety)

Panic Attacks In Children

 Jack Miller (March 24, 2008)  Panic attacks or anxiety disorder in children and adolescents is a common and treatable disorder. These attacks are more common in today's world then most people realize. In our fast pace world, bad diets, lack of exercise and high levels of anxiety and stress are more commonplace than ever before. The main symptoms of panic attacks can often be unexpected and recurring situations of .. (Anxiety)

Recognizing The Signs And Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorders

 W Scott (March 13, 2008)  Do you often feel nervous or apprehensive and worry that there is something wrong with you. It is possible that you are suffering from an anxiety disorder and don't even realize it. There are physical symptoms as well as emotional signs and symptoms. Here we are going to go over those symptoms as well as go over the main types of anxiety disorders. Understanding and recognizing the .. (Anxiety)

Overcoming Panic Attacks - It Is Time To Take Back Control Of Your Life

 Marie O'Hara (March 12, 2008)  Anyone who has suffered from an anxiety attack knows how debilitating they can actually be. The fear is very real - and you live with it every moment. Not only do you have to suffer through an attack itself, but you have to live in constant worry that another one will happen at any moment. Well, I am here to tell you that overcoming panic attacks is possible, and you can begin to enjoy .. (Anxiety)

Do You Suffer From Panic Attack Anxiety?

 Marie O'Hara (March 12, 2008)  First of all, I guess I should make it clear that this isn't a real medical term - it is just one that I have come up with to describe what I was feeling. Many of the treatments and experts only deal with the symptoms of an actual anxiety attack. So, I have come up with what I call “panic attack anxiety". What exactly is it supposed to describe? For me, and I am sure many other .. (Anxiety)

What Helps The Most With Social Anxiety?

 MariaLuisa Ayuso (March 06, 2008)  There are millions of people that suffer every day from social anxiety, they are usually afraid of dealing with people, talking with strangers, going to public places, speaking in public, being embarrassed and being judged by others. Those fears cause severe anxiety and depression that can last for a very long time if its not treat it correctly. Some of the side effects of not treating . (Anxiety)

Causes and Treatment of Anxiety

 Eliza Maledevic (March 06, 2008)  Sometimes we cannot avoid the feeling of anxiety. All of us experience anxiety when we're faced with traumatic events or stressful situation, like when we have a family problem or feel stressed out at the prospect of asking the boss for a raise. We worry and fret regarding of those problem. Anxiety is part of our natural response. This is the way of the body of warning us of possible .. (Anxiety)

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