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Evaluating and Understanding Symptoms of Depression in Women


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Sometimes things just do not seem to be going our way. Things are stressful, everything is overwhelming, you are on overload and you just want to stay all day in bed or cry for hours. It is normal when a person is undergoing stress and low points in their life to feel sadness, man or woman. Unfortunately, if you are feeling sadness, unhappiness, unmotivated and depressed for a long period of time, it is possible that you are showing signs of depression symptoms in women. Depression is a mental disorder that can be reversed with medications and therapy. Take note if you are feeling depressed so that you can seek out the proper treatment but first look for some of the red flags that are associated with depression.

Symptoms of depression vary per each woman slightly. One of the most likely symptoms to be aware of when evaluating yourself for depression are the constant mood of depression. Though you may not be familiar with those feelings and often brush them off, start taking note of your daily mood. Some women have the tendency to chalk up these depressive moods as hormonal or just having a bad day. However, if you are feeling this way on a regular basis, it is possible that you are experiencing depression. Take a look at the other feelings that you may be having. Do a self inventory of your emotions and feelings to determine if you are feeling hopeless, guilty or have discontinued doing activities that you previously enjoyed. You may find that you are pulling away from family or friends. Depression severity is also noted when a person starts to have feelings of death or suicide. If you start to have these feelings, it is time to seek out medical attention immediately.

Though many symptoms of depression may just seem to be figments in your mind, this makes the condition difficult to diagnose. However, eventually, over time, there will be physical changes that either you or people around you can start to see. You may have trouble sleeping or your sleep patterns may be unusual. You may be starting to look worn out. You may have trouble staying asleep or getting to sleep or even sleeping for longer periods of time, finding it difficult to get out of bed or wanting to stay in bed most of the day. Unusual sleep patterns are typical of women who are experiencing depression.

Women who are experiencing depression symptoms may also have changes in their diet and eating patterns. A sign of depression is either wanting to eat too much or not eat at all for no apparent reason. Some women may even start to notice a fluctuation in their weight, either an increase or a decrease that is significant. Other symptoms are just a feeling of lagging, feeling unmotivated or just wanting to cry for no apparent reason. These symptoms can decrease a woman's productivity and increase depression even more so because you realize you are not completing the tasks that you normally would. You may have no energy to do these things that you normally would be able to do and this will greatly impact your life in a number of ways.

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