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Handling a Child that Wrestles with Anxiety


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As a parent, you only want to do the things that are in the best interest of your child. Unfortunately, when a child is impacted by anxiety, it can be a struggle not only for the child but also for the parent. Sometimes a parent feels helpless, not knowing what to do while their child is undergoing this mental and emotional struggle. This increases your stress and your child's stress all the while impacting your child's daily performance at school and among friends.

Be on the look out for any warning signs that your child might be struggling with anxiety. When you realize that this is a serious mental health struggle, you need to contact your child's doctor or a psychiatrist. They will be able to help suggest ideas for treatment and coping with anxiety. One of the best things you can do as a parent or guardian is to learn how to alleviate the turmoil your child is experiencing. This will mean that you may need to be more sensitive to their feelings when parenting them and this will help to strengthen your family as a whole.

One thing that enhances a parent's frustrations is that often times, they do not realize the struggle that their child is going through. For them, the anxiety is very real. Do not encourage them to just get over it, shrug it off or get angry at them or tell them to simply stop worrying. Instead, learn to express empathy when they are having symptoms of anxiety and try to approach their anxiety with more sincerity and positivity. If you are yelling at your child or dismissing their anxious feelings, you are sending out the message that they are doing something wrong and this can actually increase their anxiety. They will begin to pull away from you when they are facing an anxious moment for fear that you will just get angry with them. Encourage other family members to communicate this issue so that a child will not feel as though they have to be ashamed of their feelings.

When a child is feeling anxious, take extra care to be sensitive to their feelings. When they are having anxiety issues, take them out on their own to distract them by doing an activity that they enjoy. If you have more than one child or the other children have anxiety disorders, keep a couple of fun things to do in mind so that you can go do something in order to distract them from their anxiety. You can stay indoors and play a game or work a puzzle. It will help to relax them and take their mind off their anxious feelings. If it is nice outside, take the activity outdoors or find activities that encourage physical activity as exercise is also beneficial to eliminate stress.

Also, as a parent, keep in mind the foods that you are feeding your child. Their diet can have quite an impact on their anxiety. Avoid feeding them foods that are full of sugar, fat, processed, or have chemicals. This means eliminating any sugary snacks or fast food from their diet. These foods can contribute to their stress so instead feed them healthier meals. In addition to their diet and exercise regimen, encourage them to get enough sleep. Often a racing, anxious mind is hard to get to shut off to go to sleep but if a child has not had enough rest, their anxiety will also increase throughout the day.

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