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How to Stop Panic Attacks Naturally


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Panic attacks are frightening and if you are a sufferer from them, you are probably looking for some way to alleviate the torture of going through them. There are numerous ways to learn to get through them on your own. Additionally, you should seek help from a doctor or a psychiatrist to learn more about how to stop these panic attacks in their tracks. They can help you find a treatment. Some people simply do not want to take medications for their panic attacks. That is okay. There are just other ways to combat them on your own.

Sometimes when you have a panic attack, you feel like you lose absolute control over your body. You may have chest pains, a racing heart, lightheadedness, dizziness, numbness and tingling in your arms, legs, feet and hands, surges of heat running through your body, the chills, or a headache. These are the most common symptoms of a panic attack. Believe it or not, something as simple as what you are eating or ingesting can determine whether or not you will continue to have panic attacks. If you continuously get panic attacks, do your best to eliminate drugs, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine from your daily life. These substances make a world of different on your body and can make your panic attacks worse.

If you also consume several foods that have been processed or contain chemicals, it is wise to eliminate these from your diet as well. Instead, try using herbal supplements that naturally aid in alleviating stress, tension and other issues related to anxiety attacks. Passionflower or Valerian root have not yet been completely tested for their properties but they have been deemed useful on occasion when given to someone that has panic attacks to stop the symptoms. Considering these natural methods can help cease panic attacks.

Another way to rid yourself of panic attacks is to do relaxation exercises. During a panic attack, muscles tense up and tighten which can hurt and make the attack worse. In order to stop panic attacks progressive muscle relaxation can help immensely. What is done during this method is that a person contracts a muscle group, flexing them for a few seconds and while doing deep breathing exercises, slowly releasing the muscle flex. The muscle tension will begin to go away. It is a wise idea to start at the tips of your toes, flex your ankles and calves and move upward to the body where you even contract and release your facial muscles. This enables you to have a fully relaxed body. Meditation and using audio guided imagery are also helpful, freeing your mind and taking it to a whole other place that is calming and relaxing.

Another way to naturally stop panic attacks is to learn to talk yourself through them. Do what you can to keep breathing slow and even, inhaling and exhaling calmly. The power of distraction is also helpful. Find something to do that occupies your mind and takes it off the racing negative thoughts of having a panic attack. Use positive talk to get yourself through a panic attack and continue to repeat them to yourself and it will help you to get a grasp on yourself and stop the panic attack. Using little phrases and repeating them over and over to encourage yourself is a very helpful technique. You will find that when you are in the midst of a panic attack, many of these natural panic attack remedies will help a lot, particularly if you practice them.

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