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Symptoms of Panic Attacks in Women


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It seems as though the world is passing us by at such a fast pace and it seems as though we cannot keep up. Many women go to school, go to work, have families, have family obligations, have bills to pay, have financial woes and other commitments that can just seem so overwhelming. The old saying, “When it rains, it pours, ” always seems to hold true when we are already stressed to the max. On top of that, many women in their younger ages, in their middle ages or are in the midst of menopause have the struggle of monthly hormones that can also correlate with our emotions and the way women feel overall.

As a result of all of these everyday trials and tribulations, it comes as no surprise that many women suffer from panic attacks. Though men and women both experience them, they have the tendency to be more prevalent in females. In order for a woman to have a sense of security when they are having a panic attack, they need to learn the signs and symptoms of one coming on so that they can prevent it. Usually panic attacks have no warning when they happen but when they do, women should be prepared so they can help themselves through it.

Panic attack symptoms vary per person. Everyone has their own life stressors and things in life that burden them. Additionally, their personality and behavior that is instilled in them can determine how they react to this stress. Usually a panic attack comes on as a means of “protection” as a body's natural response to danger as a rush of adrenaline surges through the body. Usually, women will experience a hard time catching their breath, have a racing heart, headaches, lightheadedness, dizziness, hot flashes or cold chills, numbness and tingling in their arms, legs, toes and fingers and almost feel like they are either going crazy, losing control or having a heart attack because people even sometimes have chest pain. You are not dying, going crazy or losing control. You are just on emotional overload and having a panic attack. Some people even have panic attacks that are much more severe.

Though the occasional panic attack is fairly common, sometimes people don't know how to respond to subside them or to relax themselves. Often times, people try to ignore them when in fact, treatment of cognitive behavioral therapy or medications can help alleviate these before they turn into an uncontrollable disorder. Seeking professional help is a great option. If it is something you feel like you can handle on your own, feel free to try to self help techniques. Make sure that you are aware of them so that you can utilize them in case another panic attack comes about. Practicing muscle relaxation and trying to even out breathing can help tremendously when trying to overcome a panic attack.

Sometimes panic attack medications are very helpful. Many feel like they do not want to take medication for this and if one starts to take medication, they must be aware that sometimes it takes trial and error to find the one that works best for them. It is simply an option and will help women subside their negative thoughts and feelings and feel overall better emotionally and mentally. A combination of self-help techniques and additional therapy or medication can help tremendously. If panic attacks go untreated for an extended period of time, they can eventually negatively impact a person and start to fear the panic attacks. It is a vicious cycle that needs to be tackled early on.

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Recognizing the Symptoms of Panic and Anxiety Attacks
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