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Anxiety Attack – How to Relief Anxiety Attack Naturally


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What is anxiety? This is a common question that many people had been asked many times. Well, anxiety is something that everyone is going to experience at least once in the life. However, the level of anxiety can be varying from person to person. General anxiety makes you feel tense and uncomfortable for an impending event that you do not like or familiar with it. These events can be taking an exam, attending an interview, or doing a presentation in front of your teachers. Anxiety can affect your sleep and concentration if you let the symptoms affecting you for too long. It is normal for people to feel anxious and panic, especially under pressure or stresses. As for dealing with it, it is all depends on the circumstances and our personality. Also, having a bad past event may influence someone to develop anxiety disorder.

There is a built-mechanism in our bodies. This mechanism helps to protect our body and mind from stress and anxiety. When a negative emotion is overwhelming, it will trigger the release of adrenalin, which makes our heart beat faster. You also feel your palms of your hand cold and sweaty. You may also feel a tension at the back of your neck, as well. By any chance, you will feel light-headed and headaches. Rest assured; all of these are natural responses from our body. You can call it a coping mechanism.

You should start worry about your condition if your anxiety attack last way too long than usual length. This indicates that your anxiety attack now is out of control. If you did not find the solution to control it, it would eventually escalate into a vicious circle; fear of anxiety – stressed of getting anxious – fear or fear – anxiety attack. Over time, you may start to feel irritable, edgy, unable to focus or concentrate, and generally unable to relax.

It is essential for people to try and control the feelings of anxiety to a degree that is acceptable. There are many natural techniques or tricks that can help you to relief your stresses and nervousness. Learning relaxation techniques such as breathing, meditation or yoga can improve your defense against anxiety attack. Also, if you have spare time and energy, doing some physical exercises can help your body to cope with feeling of tension. It also helps you to sleep better at night.

As for a reliable treatment for this disorder, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has proved helpful and effective for anxiety disorder patients. Basically, you are going to tell your doctor everything about your anxiety, stresses and problems that you were facing with it. With the information that they got from you, they will give you the best suited information or methods to you. The whole concept of undergoing the therapy is encourages and helps you to develop a strong and more positive way of thinking and the way to manage your anxiety. You will feel in control and more confidence than your past-self. This is exactly what anxiety sufferers want if they want to free from an anxiety disorder. In addition, avoiding food such as alcohol, caffeine, and drugs are recommended. These foods can make the disorder worse.

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5 Anxiety Attack Symptoms Not to Be Ignored!
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