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Five Helpful Ways to Manage Anxiety Problems


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It is estimated that approximately 10% of the population of the world suffer from an anxiety disorder such as panic attacks and anxiety. As a result of this, there is a very large selection of remedies on the market ranging from prescription solutions to herbal anxiety supplements to help fight off this condition.

People who suffer from panic attack know that it can seriously their work and home life. Prescription drugs offer the quickest effect in reducing the panic attack and anxiety symptoms. However, they also carry with them the most amounts of side effects, clouded thoughts, drowsiness and possible depression. Moreover, there is the risk of dependence as they are habit-forming.

Many educated individuals are starting to realize that there might be other natural solutions that do not have all these unwanted side effects. As of lately, there has been a strong interest in the use natural supplements to help treat symptoms of panic attack and anxiety. One major advantage of using herbal and natural supplements is that they are not habit-forming. As well, they don't have the unfortunate side effects found with prescription medications.

Most likely more than one approach will be required for maximum results. For example, a change in diet needs to be started along with taking some type of natural remedies. Here are 5 methods for the management of panic attack and anxiety symptoms.

#1 Dietary Change

No particular type of foods will totally eliminate panic attack symptoms but being aware of what you eat can cut down on the severity of the symptoms and reduce the frequency of attacks. For example, sugary foods, alcohol and caffeine need to be avoided as much as possible. These foods are loaded in easy to digest carbohydrate which the body can process rapidly. They can excite the nerves. Caffeine, as an example, is a known nervous system stimulant that should be eliminated from your diet.

The ideal type of carbohydrate to choose is those that the body takes time to process. What type of complex carbohydrates is best? The whole grains. These foods tend to calm the body down.

#2 Meditation and Exercise

There is no doubt that relaxation techniques such as yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong and Tai Chi are helpful in calming and relaxing a person down. These are mild and gentle techniques that anyone can use. As a bonus, it will give a person energy, improve blood circulation and maintain cardiovascular health.

#3 Alternative Medicines

Alternative treatment options include acupuncture, massage therapy and acupressure treatments. These treatment options are very popular with the Asians and Indians and they can be used along with other treatment options such as natural remedies and psychological therapy.

For example, massage therapy is known to relax the tense muscle, a common complaint from those suffering from anxiety. It can also improve circulation of blood throughout the body and create a sense of calmness in the mind.

#4 Natural Remedies

There are many natural supplements that are useful for nervous tension and anxiety. These are valerian and lemon balm. One important advantage of natural supplements is they don't have the same amount of undesirable side effects as anxiety medications on prescription. As well, and perhaps more important, you do not become addicted to them.

Many educated individuals today are looking to natural remedies to help cut down their panic attack symptoms and anxiety levels.

#5 Psychiatric Therapies

By using skilled health care experts, many people have been able to reduce their anxiety levels through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This scientifically proven treatment method is regularly used by psychiatrist to treat anxiety disorders. It is a very effective method. How CBT works is that it exposes the pattern and cycle of emotions, events and feelings a person is having just before and during an episode of anxiety or panic attacks.

By doing so, a person can prevent the thoughts and emotions that triggers these symptoms. Several sessions with the psychologist will allow the person to perform these emotion analyses themselves and stop anxiety and panic attack from showing up in the first place.

These five different techniques of reducing panic attack and anxiety symptoms can be effectively used together for greater results. Many sophisticated individuals would prefer a natural solution to reduce their anxiety and panic attack symptoms rather than turn to prescription medications.

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