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Get a Scarce MiG-29 Ride over the Moscow


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MiG-29 ride is a scarce moment for the majority people in the world, even for military personnel and aviation lovers. Military jet fighters are very expensive assets and that’s why there is always an access restriction to get close to such jet fighters. Anyway, nowadays civilians have an access not only to take picture or just touching it. The access is now open to fly with jet fighters. A very good news!

If you have been dreaming of having a Mig-29 ride and perhaps you think that the dream is not realistic, you are possibly wrong. Russian military has opened an access for anyone who wants to experience MiG-29 ride in a city nearby Moscow. There is an airbase called Sokol, a place where you can fly some MiG jet fighters. Of course you have to pay for it but it is worth to have such experience if you are a real dream pursuer. There you will have MiG-29 rides accompanied by a professional and experienced jet fighter pilot. You will know how it feels being a military jet fighter, rolling and maneuvering up high in the sky over Moscow.

MiG-29 ride is definitely an adventurous tour to complete your vacation in Russia. This is a scarce opportunity because only in Russia you can have MiG-29 rides. Flying a legendary jet fighter which was developed during the Cold War era will be an extraordinary experience. MiG-29 Fulcrum is a great jet fighter which can break through the sound barrier as the maximum speed of this supersonic jet fighter is Mach 2.25.

There in the airbase you can also have a chance to taste flying MiG-31 Foxhound. Both MiG-29 and MiG-31 can perform edge of space flight, another valuable thing that you can have if you take MiG-29 ride adventurous program. Imagine yourself flying those superior fighters, performing some dog fight and aerobatic maneuvers. You can have it all there in Russia. You will not just learn the theory of those maneuvers but you will do it yourself with real jet fighters.

Go sign up yourself for flying a jet and crystallize what you have been dreaming of. Call up an agent of MiG-29 rides and find out everything necessary to take you into your ultimate dream. Make sure you will have the MiG-29 ride adventurous tour when you have a plan to spend a vacation in Russia and enjoy the hot MiG-29 ride along with hot Russian vodka. Safe flight, comrade!


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