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Anxiety Cures: Stopping Anxiety Attacks Before They Start


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Here's a question for you.

Are you emotionally and physically disturbed?

If you have answered this question with a “Yes", you are
obviously reacting to something that increases your emotions
and then affects you physically.

There are numerous definitions if you look up anxiety but a
simple shortened version could be expressed as “extreme

Heightened anxiety can result in apprehension displayed
physically by troubled breathing, heart pains, sweating, a
need to keep visiting the toilet and overall feeling of
being stressed.

People need to be aware that a mental disorder of this kind
is not to be ignored as lack of treatment can allow it to
become a serious condition increasing fear and anxiety into
their daily routines.

Continuous research into the causes of anxiety disorders
has resulted in the root causes being found by scientists
and researchers. The results of their work has led many to
conclude that key factors may be hereditary, chemistry of
the brain, your personality and your life experiences.

1. Hereditary - there is clear evidence that anxiety
disorders run in families. If one identical twin has an
anxiety disorder, the second twin will more likely have an
anxiety disorder than non-identical twins. It clearly
suggests that a genetic factor, possibly activated in
combination with life experiences, increases the chances
that some people will have these disorders.

2. Brain Chemistry - because symptoms of anxiety disorders
are often relieved by medications that alter levels of
chemicals in the brain, scientists believe that brain
chemistry appears to play a role in the beginning of anxiety

3. Personality - researchers believe that personality plays
a role in the development of an anxiety disorder, like
people who have low self-esteem and poor coping skills may
be more prone.

4. Life Experience - Interestingly there seems to be a
correlation between those who may have been exploited or
abused and researchers continues to study the link between
anxiety disorders and peoples life experiences.

There is no need for people to continue suffering from an
anxiety disorder as there are some very successful anxiety
cures available. For instance, there are two natural anxiety
treatments that continue to achieve a success rate well
above 90%.

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best advice on anxietycures for you.


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How To Stop Anxiety Attacks Before They Start
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