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Your Guide to Coping With Panic Attacks


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I'm going to give you some tips for coping with Panic Attacks. I assume that you have been diagnosed with the panic disorder by a qualified medical expert. So the genie is out of the bottle. . . so to speak. . . your next step is to understand panic attacks, recognize the symptoms and the trigger points of the panic attacks.

First of all, according to Anxiety Disorders Association of America. . . Panic Attacks are defined as abrupt onset of intense fears which reaches a peak and usually has 4 major symptoms which can be anywhere from a feeling of doom, sweating, trembling, feeling of being unreal, tingling sensation and more. . .

And many of these symptoms mimic other illnesses such as heart diseases, thyroid problems and breathing disorders. . . which is why being properly diagnosed is important.

Now your physician may want to prescribe some medication for you to alleviate the symptoms of your panic attacks. But know this. . . during panic attacks. . . your body is “tricking" you into thinking that you are in danger. . . when the truth is you are not. But medications may give you side-effects that are unpleasant.

I don't believe anyone has ever been injured by panic attacks. It is just your body and brain misinterpreting real danger. . .

But don't get me wrong here. . . sufferers DO in fact, feel their panic attacks are real!

And not only you can take medications. . . there are therapies designed to help you with coping with panic attacks. However, therapies may not be for everyone because they require constant appointments are are expensive.

Another thing to keep in mind is what triggers your panic attacks. This is where keeping careful notes about everything you can imagine before, during and after each episode.

Do this can help you pinpoint your triggers. . . such as not eating properly or getting enough sleep. Also if you recognize the signs of an impending attack. . . you can have coping mechanisms in place to help you minimize the effects of panic attacks.

All of the coping tools listed above may or may not work for you and they are just temporary. . . meaning you have to stay on your medications. . . you have to constantly go for therapy. . . or prepare yourself to cope with an impending panic attack.

In short, there are several ways for coping with panic attacks. They may alleviate your symptoms but don't cure the underlying cause of your panic attacks.

But if there was a way to simply cure your panic attacks. . . PERMANENTLY. . . would that interest you? You won't need to spend any more time and money on expensive therapies and medical prescriptions.

To continue your journey for the ultimate cure to end all panic attacks, anxiety attacks and other phobias. . . click here right now to find out how 27,000 former sufferers all around the world cured their panic and anxiety attacks. . . permanently!

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Stopping Panic Attacks Steps to Make Panic Attacks Stop
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