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Dealing With Anxiety Attacks Do's and Don'ts

Edward Lathrop

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The worse part about anxiety attacks is they happen at the most inopportune times. There is no doubt about it, no one ever wants to have an anxiety attack. Anxiety attacks have no redeeming features. They mess up a person's day and seem to take control of the anxiety sufferer's whole life!

In this article, we're going to talk about the basic tenants every person recovering from anxiety attacks uses to lessen the severity of individual attacks and eventually lead to recovery.

Don't Make An Effort to Avoid Oncoming Attacks

When we are suffering anxiety, the periods of time we refer to as anxiety attacks come and go. Always remember this. Someday we'll all get to the point we will no longer suffer anxiety attacks. Until that day comes, anxiety, with all its horror, will find us. As soon as we accept this fact, the recovery process will begin.

It is when we hope each anxiety attack is the last one and try to fight every early sign anxiety could be brewing; we actually stoke the fires of anxiety. Never try to fight off an attack and never try to run away from one. We must be content to live with these frightening episodes for a while. As we do so, we are recovering.

Don't Hope the Attack Will Be Mild or Short Lived

Once we learn to accept the fact anxiety attacks will occur during our recovery process, the next step is not to hope our intervening bouts will be speedy or hardly noticeable. If we do hope for less severe nervous symptoms we are actually trying to avoid anxiety. Hoping for a short attack is avoiding light. Unfortunately, it has the same negative impact as trying to completely avoid it.

Don't Try To Act Anxiety Away

Sometimes when we are under assault from our nerves, we become great actors. We feel awful inside but try not to let anybody know. This makes things worse because we are fighting not to be seen as anxious.

This fighting puts an extra strain on us and as it does, it puts more of a burden on our adrenaline systems. This, of course, will make us more nervous. We cannot win the battle of nervousness by strain or trying to ignore our condition or trying to do anything. With anxiety, we can only become victorious by completely surrendering.

Do - Face Your Enemy

So, if fighting, trying to look calm, trying to avoid attacks or wishing they would be mild doesn't get us on the track to recovery. What does? First, if an attack is going to come, we have to have to take the attitude we will just let it. We will relax our bodies as best we can and acknowledge the horrific feelings happening to us and take the attitude we are going to let panic run wild.

When we do this, we no longer are fighting or struggling against anxiety and we are no longer trying to run away or hide from it. Fighting and running away are the two things anxiety thrives on. When we refuse to do either, anxiety has no choice but to roll over and die!

Do - Give It the Rodney Dangerfield Treatment

As we recover, we start to realize there were many times we made anxiety much worse by being apprehensive of the feelings it gave us. This apprehension is a form of respect. When we make no plans how we will try to fight off an attack, we are treating anxiety like Rodney Dangerfield; no respect!

Giving anxiety no respect is what gets it to leave us alone. Once we know how to do this, the anxiety attacks become less and less severe and eventually, they disappear altogether.

The author of this article is Ed Lathrop. Having lived through an anxiety disorder 25 years ago and being free of all its symptoms since that time, he has built a website that deals with anxiety in all it's different forms. This is a free Website and gives help to anxiety sufferers in a way only a former sufferer of anxiety could. This website can be found at: Anxiety Disorder Also, find out how to deal with anxiety attacks at: Treating Anxiety Attacks


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