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How Can I Cure My Anxiety?


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One of the worse feelings in the world can be to suffer from Anxiety. There are many effects that Anxiety can have on the body.

For me, I have never been the most outgoing person. I am the type that likes to sit in the back of the bus, or the type that wont even dance at a party unless someone grabs my hand and leads me into doing so. Most of that equated to me having severe Anxiety.

At first it was not always as severe as it got last year! In the beginning, I could still live with and do most normal things and just feel a little anxious. I could go out and take my normal seat in the back, and not have to mingle with the crowd. That can be good for some, but for others it can cause you to really stop enjoying what life's all about and that helping others and having a great time being here. I hadn't even thought of how can I cure my anxiety because I was so used to living this sheltered life.

Up until a year ago I managed my anxiety well fooling most into thinking I was a guy who could go out and have fun, but then that little anxiety got bigger and bigger. I didnt take care of it, and for a while it began to take care of me. I started to have many different bouts dealings with anxiety. One thing I went through was I couldn't eat. I spent most of the time throwing up most of what I ate.

The anxiety that I had made my stomach so weak that I just couldn't hold down any food. I would go out with the family and be the only person who couldn't eat anything because of the severity of my anxiety. I hated that. The food always looked great and I wished I could just take a bite but I didn't want to have to clean up what would probably come out. I thought how can I cure my Anxiety.

After research I found some sound advice and good support. I now go out and am able to take that bite with the family or friends. I am allot better off. If your suffering from anxiety and need a way out click on the website below.


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Natural Anxiety Cures - Looking for A Natural Anxiety Cure?
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