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Fear of Choking to Death Almost Ruined My Life


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Let me tell you, I have been there. It seems totally insane, but for no good reason you feel like you're going to die, you actually feel that you can't swallow, can't breathe. When you're eating food you feel like your food is going to get lodged in your throat.

It's horrible. It can feel like you're going crazy or like you're going to vomit. Like I said, I've been there. I used to feel that way all the freaking time, and I had not idea that I was having panic attacks.

At some point it just took over and consumed me. I know it's consumed a lot of other people too, I'm not the only one. For a while there though, I literally felt like I was the only one, like I was a weirdo, like I would never get over it.

How did I cure my fear of choking? Well, I did a lot of research. I mean I was literally drowning, this condition was effecting every area of my life, so I decided to get medieval on it's ass and do something about it! I spent hours and hours searching for a diagnosis and a cure. That's when I realized I was having full blown panic attacks.

Why was I having them? I found out that I wasn't living a clean life, I was drinking too much alcohol, too much caffeine, and I wasn't exercising enough. Can you relate to this? I think everyone can. It was a big help when I started to change these habits.

But, even all this wasn't enough, it was a great start in the right direction and I'm grateful that I took the steps that I did. I was way ahead of the game by this point.

The real change didn't come until I found a cognitive method called the the one move technique. It's kinda hard to describe but basically it fools your brain into going from the totally irrational brain to the purely logical. . . and it completely puts an end to fears and panic attacks, like the fear of choking!

I mean it takes all the fight out of them. So, I beat my fear of choking by learning the one move technique and taking care of my brain in all the ways that doctors have been telling us to. . . diet and exercise, cutting out the toxic stuff. I don't mess with my brain anymore and life has never been better.

The one move technique is all you'll ever need to fight panic attacks and end your fear of choking. Cheer!


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