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Marijuana Causes Anxiety?


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Isn't pot supposed to make you mellow, laid back, chill? Well, it does, that's right it does. The only problem is that it only does that for some of the people, some of the time. For other people it does the exact opposite, it's can make you anxious, paranoid, anti-social.

Maybe you've been there, I sure have! It's not fun. In fact, it can be down right terrifying and frightening.

Marijuana is very unpredictable and causes a wide variety of effects. I know personally that when I smoked pot back in high school and at university the effect was mostly positive, I used to laugh, feel relaxed, zone out, feel giddy, feel euphoric.

However, as I got a little older and certain stressors in my life became overwhelming it started to have another effect entirely. Pure panic. Anxiety. Panic attacks! (And not just while stoned either. )

I mean a couple of times I had to leave a party and just walk around by my myself for two hours because I was to high to go back into the party. Real fun. I could have been enjoying my Saturday night but instead I was communing with the rose bushes.

The fact is that marijuana messes with your brain chemistry, it augments whatever you're feeling, good, bad or indifferent. And unfortunately, with repeated use the balance can get more and more out of whack. (In many people. )

I wouldn't say marijuana naturally causes anxiety or panic attacks, but it makes them much, much worse. And once you have a panic attack or several your body is learning that irrational behavior, which makes that condition harder and harder to turn off.

I know, seemingly harmless fun can become a really serious condition. I mean obviously the movie Reefer Madness (portrayl of weed in the 1930's) is a total joke. But, for certain people pot can really heighten their anxiety and get them in a pattern of having panic attacks while completely sober. And once you're there you've got a big problem.

Now, you can certainly get rid of anxiety or panic attacks. There are many things that will help a ton and they are pretty simple, you've just got to work at it a little.

Diet and exercise are key. With exercise you burn stress hormones and produce endophins which will make you more calm. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is very calming for the nervous system, along with supplementing with magnesium. These two things will help you gain your balance within a few weeks. Stick with it!

One other thing with has been a god send for me is using cognitive brain training to soothe the panic once it starts to occur. It might sound hard to do but once you get it's quite easy, it's called the the one move technique and it was really the final piece of the puzzle for me. Peace and here's the feeling better! Cheers.


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