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Help, I Cant Breathe!


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I have been there. It seems utterly weird, but for no good reason you feel like you just can't breathe. You feel like all the oxygen on earth just got sucked out and you're drowning at the bottom of the ocean.

You feel like a fish out of water or a human being under water, or both. It's nasty. It can feel like you're going crazy or like you're going to throw up on the spot. Like I said, I've been there. I used to feel that way at least a few times a week!

Whether I was in a tense meeting or on a cramped plane, or just at a weekend party, I felt these unstoppable “i can't breathe" feelings. At some point it just took over and consumed me. I know it's consumed a lot of other people too, I'm certainly not the only one, as I later discovered.

Did I cure my fear of not being able to breathe? You betcha! Thankfully, or I wouldn't be writing this article. I did a lot. . . a lot, of research. I mean I was literally drowning, this condition was effecting every area of my life, so I decided to get medieval on it's butt and do something about it.

I found out that I wasn't living the best way I could, I was drinking too much alcohol, caffiene, and I wasn't exercising nearly enough. It was a huge help to my condition when I started to change these basic habits.

But, these changes weren't a cure-all, it was a great start in the right direction and I'm grateful that I took the steps that I did. However, the real change came when I found the one move technique. It's sorta hard to describe but basically it teaches your brain go from the irrational part to the logical part. . . and it completely puts the hurt on general panic and feelings like you can't breathe.

Not to be funny but it literally takes all the wind out of them. I beat my fear of not being able to breathe by learning this technique and taking care of my brain in all the ways that doctors now tell us to. . . exercise, diet, cutting down on toxins, eating healthy, etc.

Now, one word of advice, if this thing is getting out of control for you. . . don't wait to do something about it. Don't wait like I did, this condition is totally treatable , and without hard medications. I wish I had started sooner it would have saved me a lot of pain and suffering.


The author is a totally recovered anxiety and panic attack sufferer. :)

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