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How to Avoid a Panic Attack 3 Tips to Dispel the Fear


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Panic attack is the body response to a “perceived" danger. The body goes into “fight or flight" mode with no apparent reason or danger. Symptoms such as sudden attacks of heart-pounding, hard to breathe, irrational fear of danger/dieing are all part of a panic attack. When you feel these symptoms coming, try the following methods:

1. Slow Your Breathing

Hold your breath for 15 seconds before exhaling slowly. Keep repeating until your normal breathing is restored. If you think that your hyperventilating - breathing so fast that you cannot breathe at all - put your hand over your mouth. During hyperventilation, the blood is filled with too much oxygen, causing the tingly/numb sensation during a panic attack. Putting your hand over your mouth brings carbon dioxide back into your blood again and slows your breathing.

2. Distraction

Distract yourself and take your mind off the panic attack. For example, focus your attention on your surroundings and described it in details. If possible, take a 10 minutes brisk walk. Exercising can relax you as well as burn off the excess adrenaline that your producing.

3. Rationalize

Most importantly, calm down by reminding yourself that these odds sensations are part of a panic attack, its not a heart attack and you cannot die from it. Its been medically proven that you cannot die from a panic attack, as bad as the symptoms may feel, they cannot harm you. Assure yourself that. Know you will not die and there's nothing to fear.

Panic attack are highly treatable and you can recover from it without depending on medication or anti-depressant. Understand that panic attack occur again and again because you fear them. The fear of fainting, having a heart attack and above all, dieing. This is the fears that fuels a panic attack and cause it to trigger.

The key to stopping panic attack forever must come from undoing these fear. Accept the fact that your have panic attack and confront it.

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4 Powerful Tips to Reduce Your Panic Attack
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