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How to Avoid Anxiety Attacks Steps in Preparing Yourself


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Anxiety attack, also known as panic attack, are sudden surges of overwhelming fear that that comes without warning and without any obvious reason.

During an anxiety attack, your heart is racing, your mind is filled with anxiety, you start to tremble, you are having trouble breathing and you feel a threat of impending doom.

This sudden attack can cause confusion and unnecessary worry that your stricken with some “terminal condition". Rest assured, anxiety attack can be stopped and your not dieing.

Steps To Stopping Anxiety Attack

The steps in stopping anxiety attack involves 3 stages. Before, during and after an anxiety attack.

Before An Anxiety Attack

Make changes to your lifestyle and start having a healthy diet. Steer clear of caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes, these are all stimulant that can trigger your anxiety attack or even worsen the symptoms. Start doing simple exercises such as brisk walking, jogging or cycling.

Prepare yourself mentally. Feed yourself constructive and positive thoughts.

During An Anxiety Attack

Do not cause additional anxiety to yourself. Acknowledge and accept the degree of anxiety you are experiencing, without trying to force the intensity to go down - if it doesn't go away, so be it.

Don't attempt to analyze why your having an attack, thinking too much without a reasonable solution will just make you feel worse.

Do not worry about what will happen to you - nothing will happen to you! Reassure yourself you will indeed survive, no matter how badly you currently feel. Its been medically proven that panic attack cannot harm you. Despite the odd sensations that you maybe feeling, know that you cannot be harm and your certainly not dieing.

After An Anxiety Attack

Even after your regain control of your thoughts and action, be patient with the way you feel. The length of time it takes your body to relax after extreme anxiety is about ten times as long as the time you were feeling anxious. You are NOT stuck with that sickly feeling forever, assure yourself that it will go away.

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Panics Attacks and Anxiety Attacks—Know the Difference
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