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Symptoms of Panic Attack What Are Symptoms of Panic Attack?


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I suffered with panic attacks for years not knowing I was even having them. I truly believe that many others have suffered the same fate. People don't know they are having panic attacks and thus they are never treated properly. That sucks, I'm here to put an end to that.

So, what is a panic attack? The symptoms of panic attack are many but here is a quick list of the most common: nausea, dizziness, feel like your choking, feel like you can't breathe, feel like you're having a heart attack, inability to concentrate, sweating, chest pains, feelings of unreality, feelings of not being in one's own body, and feeling like you have to get out of a situation at all costs.

If you've experienced these symptoms in any combination and don't have any physical ailment then you're having a panic attack. And here's the kicker, unfortunately if you don't solve your problem it's only going to get worse.

Ok, you know the symptoms of panic attack, you realize that you're having them, now, how do you get rid of them? Well, I have the answer to that question too. You need to have a plan that works. Luckily I'm way ahead of you, I have a plan that has worked for me for years, I've gone from having panic attacks a lot to never having them and I did it in a very short span of time.

First of all, I recommend making some basic lifestyle changes that are pretty simple. If you're drinking too much caffiene or alcohol you need to cut back. I don't know what this level is for you, it would be better if you quit altogether but I know for some that's just not going to happen. Cut back. I also know that you should up your intake of proteins foods and of fruit and vegetables, these are the building blocks of good nutrition and of the neurotransmitter chemicals that keep you calm and focused.

Exercise is very important as well, this you should know. If you've been sedentary you need to get moving. If doesn't matter what your fitness level is everyone can do something. Find a group to keep you motivated. We all succeed much better when we are accountable.

Which brings me to my next tip, stay active and social. People who suffer from panic attacks often don't have enough emotional connections to others. You need to share yourself, share your life. Staying active and busy and not sitting around is great because your mind doesn't have time to dwell on your problems.

Minimize your stress levels with meditation and deep breathing. So simple, yet so effective. Anyone can do this, there is plenty of free information.

Last but not least symptoms of panic attack are cured by knowing that you can move out of a panic attack when it occurs. How would you feel if you knew that next time you had a panic attack you could do something about it that worked? It would be like having a safety net for all you worst fears, right?

Well, enter the one move technique, this simple technique is all you need to feel confident every day of your life that if panic strikes you've got the cure.

Well, all of this information you've got the basics for a fool-proof plan to keep panic where is should be, on a leash. Thanks for listening, and I wish you all the success in the world.

The author suffered from severe panic attacks for years and enjoys educating others on beating their condition.

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