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How to Cure Panic Attacks Theres No Such Thing As Cure?


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So. . . can you cure panic attacks?

The simple answer is YES!

A lot of people have this misconception that they are stuck with panic attacks forever. This beliefs comes from their doctors and psychologists who tells them that there are no such thing as panic attacks cure.

These medical professional tells you to learn to live with panic attacks. They teach you “coping technique", “breathing exercises" and ask you to change your life style to suit your anxiety. They give you medication to subdue your panic attacks. No one question their methods because they are medical professional - its all “medically proven".

Don't get me wrong, I am not condemning these medical professionals. Some of them do an excellent job in helping people, but the fact remains that there's still a lot people out there who do not respond well to their treatment methods and are still suffering from panic attacks.

People need an alternative! They don't need to be stuck taking medicine forever or even have this beliefs that they are “incurable".

Panic attacks is NOT incurable. Its not even a mental illness. Somehow along the way, your “panic alarm" gets messed up. It goes off for no reason even though your not in any danger - this is panic attack!

So. . . can you cure panic attacks? YES! You just have to learn how to fixed this “panic alarm", its that simple! Does this sound incurable? Obviously NOT!

The KEY thing to take note is fear. What's make panic attack difficult to stop? Fear. The fear of having a heart attack during panic attack. The fear of fainting during a panic attack. The fear that you might actually die from a panic attack. The cure to panic attacks is to stop this irrational fear.

Your heart is pounding madly and your chest hurts, you think its a heart attack. . . but ITS NOT! This sort of heart activity is usually reserved for vigorous activity (for example:exercising), when you don't notice it as much. Its suppose to feel this way when your in “panic mode".

You feel dizzy and weak, you think your going to faint soon. . . but YOUR NOT! This sensation is caused by hyperventilation - when your breathing too fast and taking in too much oxygen. Having too much oxygen in your blood will disrupt its normal flow, your brain automatically restrict blood flow to balance out the low carbon dioxide levels - resulting in light-headedness.

As you can see, every symptom your experiencing is caused by the body. Your not stuck with some “mysterious illness". Furthermore, your body CANNOT kill itself and that's why you having nothing to fear. Panic attack CANNOT kill you.

Never Suffer From Panic Attacks Again!

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Learning How To Cure Panic Attacks Begins With A Clear Understanding of What ..
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