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How to Cure Anxiety Attack What it Means to Be Cured of Anxiety


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"Cure" is not the right word to use for anxiety attack. As anxiety is a natural feeling which anyone can experience, it would be misleading to say that you can eliminate it forever. But make no mistake, a cure is possible.

And by cure I mean achieving a state which you no long have irrational fear, and is able to live the life you used to prior to being stuck with anxiety attack. This is what it means to be “cured" of anxiety attack.

However, take note that you cannot get rid of anxiety attack instantly. Just as Rome wasn't built in a day, you cannot expect to be permanently rid of anxiety attack this very instant. The healing process is long and would take a substantial amount of time and it would be unwise to hold on to any thoughts of a “miracle cure".

So how do you go about “curing" anxiety attack?

I am sure you know by now that you cannot experience a full blown anxiety attack constantly. Its not possible. Given enough time, the symptoms will fade away. In fact, you don't experience the symptoms most of the time but you know that eventually, it will rear its ugly head and you would be helpless against it. So how do you stop it for good?

First of all, you have to learn to not fear anxiety attack. Accept it. Accept the fact that you have anxiety attack. Don't run or hide from it. Don't fear anxiety attack returning. This is the MOST important step.

No one can make you believe this fact. I can ask you not to fear anxiety and not to run from it but it won't be of any use UNLESS you really believe in it. Only YOU can convince yourself of this fact. Things that you learn yourself through experience are far more embedded in you than the things your given freely.

Consider this fact. Despite all the horrible symptoms you went through during anxiety attack, did any of them come true? Did you actually have a heart attack (heart pounding madly)? Did you actually suffocate (difficulty in breathing)? Did you actually faint or die from it?


As you can see, the truth has been with you all along. Anxiety attack CANNOT harm you. You will ALWAYS be fine and you will NEVER suffer any physical complications from it. You fears are all unfounded - this is the FACT. Convince yourself on this! You don't need to fear having anxiety attack. You don't have to run or hide from it.

Never Suffer From Anxiety Attacks Again!

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How to Cure Anxiety Attacks Getting Over Your Anxiety
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