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Panic Attacks and Pregnancy Panic Attacks Are Skyrocketing Find Out Why


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It's no secret that the news that we watch today is jam packed with negative news. Doubtful of that? Here are the top stories I read today: Gas Prices Out Of Control, Economic Crisis In The Works, Nine Year Old Girl Murdered. Positive news stories? Not one.

And when you get pregnant, what do you hear about? All the horror stories about low birth weight, or complications. What do you think about? Can I afford this? Do I have to start thinking about saving money for college? The list goes on and on. Throw on top of this mess, hormonal fluctuations, and blood sugar fluctuations, and temptation to over eat, and temptation to not exercise. . . and you've got a recipe for an epidemic of panic attacks!

It's no wonder that more and more women are stepping forward and saying, help! Thankfully, a panic attack is a panic attack, and panic disorder is a panic disorder. It doesn't matter if you're pregnant or not.

So, how do you treat his condition? Well, it's pretty simple. First work on your diet. You're pregnant so you'll want what's best for your baby, in addition to cutting out caffeine and alcohol, load up on fruits and veggies and lean protein. You can still eat ice cream, but just eat the good stuff too.

Do not stop exercising. A healthy mom has healthy babies. And not only that, exercising will balance your hormones, your stress levels, and your brain. Your body was not meant to stop moving because you're pregnant. In fact it's probably more important now that you exercise.

Ok, you are starting to get the basics of panic attack, pregnancy panic attacks are no different from normal ones, so you need “normal" therapies like. . . talk therapy. I'm not saying to go out and see a shrink. I'm saying share your fears with your friends, with your family, and with your husband. You'll feel so much better. You can't carry around all that negativity or it's just going to come out as a panic attack.

Because you're pregnant, there's some shuffling of your organs going on and you may have a little more trouble breathing. But, you need to learn how to breathe properly to stop panic attacks. Breath into your belly, slowing and deeply. Do it for ten or fifteen minutes every day and you'll sooth your frayed nerves as effectively as taking a Valium.

In addition to all these remedies for panic attack, pregnancy panic attacks also need a safety net . When you get a panic attack you need to know how to stop it! All that stress in not good for your baby, so learn how to stop it when it starts here .

The author is a recovered panic attack suffered living happily in Chicago, IL.


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Tips For Coping With Anxiety and Panic Attacks During Pregnancy
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