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How to Cure Anxiety Attacks Getting Over Your Anxiety


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Anxiety attacks CAN be successfully treated and cured. However, this “cure" is not the typical pills or medicine that you can take. No medication or prescription drugs will truly “cure" anxiety attacks, they will do nothing but mask the symptoms and numb your pain. I am fairly sure such an option is not desirable.

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress and other life factors, it needs to be there. However, there is a point at which it becomes too much, leading to what is known as “anxiety attacks". Hence, the appropriate “cure" is to get rid of this excess anxiety.

In order to be “cured" of anxiety attacks, you must first recognize the root of the problem - fear. Have you ever wonder what it is like before you had anxiety attacks? What were your feelings then? Did you constantly fear that you will have heart attack? Or did you think that you will suffocate, faint or die?

This is the KEY to “curing" anxiety attacks. There's nothing wrong with you physically now. Nothing has changed, your perfectly healthy as before. What has changed is your mentality. Somehow, along the way, your sub-conscious mind picked up these irrational fear. This is the problem!

Its not OK to keep believing that you will die from anxiety attacks. Its not OK have irrational fear of something which cannot harm you. Its up to you alone to stop these fears.

I can sit down here and ask you not to have these fears, but it won't do any good if you don't BELIEVE them. You need to prove to yourself that “Yes! Anxiety attacks cannot hurt me. They are just harmless fear, nothing to worry about!"

This is what it means to be “cured" of anxiety attacks. You don't fear anxiety attacks anymore. If it hits you, so be it, if it doesn't hits you, so be it, there's nothing to worry about. Your no longer scared of returning to it, your not troubled if it happens.

So. . . forget those “miracle cures". Make change to your thinking and be open to a positive outcome. REALLY believe that you might just get over your anxiety. You don't have to depend on medication or expensive therapies. You can succeed as long as you believe!

Never Suffer From Anxiety Attacks Again!

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