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Anxiety Panic Attack Disorders Symptoms and Treatment Options


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Although most people seek medical attention the first time they have panic attack disorders, the actual condition is not diagnosed. The patient typically goes in complaining of a symptom and by the time the anxiety attack subsides, there is no physical symptom remaining. A typical attack will be over in about ten minutes and leave no evidence of its cause.

For years it was felt that a panic attack disorder was caused by deeply rooted psychological turmoils and in some cases they were diagnosed as subconscious *** conflicts. Today we know that in most cases they are a result of a chemical imbalance or as recent research is pointing out, a possible DNA abnormality.

As one experiences the symptoms of a panic attack disorder they can be devastating. People do not die from them but many wish they would as they experience the actual attack. Unfortunately, in many cases that do no receive treatment, suicide become the only out. Untreated, panic attack disorder can lead to further depression and eventual loss of productivity. Sometimes this loss goes to the point of being unemployable and an increasing loss of the ability to have social interactions. Some suffers turn to self medication of drugs and alcohol which only tends to exacerbate the situation.

There is hope for the treatment of Panic Attack Disorder. As we move away from the emotional problem theory we get closer to the actual causes and have discovered treatments that work.

Education is the core of the treatment. As the public in general, and the panic attack disorder sufferer in particular learn more about it and it's treatment, improvement is noted. Education removes the blanket of despair and allows the victim to realize that they can have confidence that a cure is forthcoming. A positive mental attitude is just as important with panic attack disorder as it is with any other malady.

Today we have many medications available for suffers of panic attack disorder. Some antidepressants have been granted FDA approval for treatment. Likewise there are tranquilizers available by prescription to give relief. Do not try any of these as a self medication cure. They should only be administered under the supervision of a doctor experienced in panic attack disorder treatment. Misuse can result in additional problems.

When the medical treatments start to work the symptoms of the attacks subside. If the patient has had the attacks for some time they might not be able to return to a full life without assistance. Many of the learned defenses of avoidance need to be overcome. This is best done with the help of counseling. The individual needs to develop a plan for facing their phobias and gradually overcoming them.

There is help for suffers of panic attack disorder. If you feel you have experienced attacks start with your local physician. You may need to provide educational assistance to him or her initially as knowledge of treatment is not as universal as the disorder. After treatment see a psychologist or social worker for assistance in behavioral therapy to assist in re-entering the world. Source: Simplepanicattackcures dot com

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Panic Attack Symptoms From Panic Disorder
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